6 Celeb Duos We Ship As BFFs!

Everyone is always talking about celebrity couples, but what about celebrity BFFs? We think these celebrity duos would make fantastic besties!

The best part about celebrity friendships is being able to watch them blossom, and seeing celebs be inspired to create content together. We’ve compiled a list of celebs who we think would make terrific BFF duos.

Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawrence

Ari and JLaw starred together in Adam McKay’s new Netflix film Don’t Look Up. During a recent virtual interview with the cast, Ariana and Jennifer appeared to be looking at their phones simultaneously, and smirking. Perhaps they were texting each other? Regardless of whether this suspicion is accurate, the two stars would make an incredibly fun duo. We can already imagine the inside jokes they might have together from on-set.

In fact, in 2018 when Ariana hosted SNL, she acted as Jennifer Lawrence in a Celebrity Family Feud skit. Additionally, Jennifer mentioned in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight that she was starstruck by Ariana on set.

Jamie Foxx and Adam Sandler

Although these two have never worked on a film together, their great senses of humor and their terrific acting skills would make for a hilarious movie; or, they can do something serious, too. Either way, both Jamie and Adam give us the best of both worlds, which is why they would make awesome BFFs and collaborators. In 2011 Jamie hosted Adam on his SiriusXM comedy show The Foxxhole to promote Adam’s newest movie at the time, Just Go with It. Additionally, they both appeared on Actor Roundtable in January 2020. Let’s hope that we see them together again in the near future, but this time, on-screen!

Bella Hadid and Alexa Demie

The well-known model and Euphoria actress were seen hanging out together this past weekend, sporting the perfect Y2K looks. Bella later posted photos from that night in her Y2K-inspired outfit, confirming she was dressed up for a friend’s birthday party that Alexa likely attended, too. We’d love to see more of these two together; they would make an unstoppable pair.


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Harry Styles and Lady Gaga

Their artistic passions combined with their unmatchable talents make it evident how much these two singers could be fantastic besties. By teaming up, both Gaga and Harry could continue to make strong, inspirational influences on the queer community together. On top of that, they have similar fashion styles, we think it’s unmistakable that the two have dressed similarly before: Harry arrived to the 2020 Brit Awards donning the same Marc Jacobs suit that Gaga wore on the cover of Elle in December 2019. Fans on twitter are dying to see these two collab on music, and we couldn’t agree more.

America Ferrera and Emma Watson

America and Emma are arguably two of the most influential activists in the celebrity community. Their passions for feminism, especially, is why we think they would make a powerful pair. The two actresses could share ideas, collaborate on social projects, and create a welcoming community for other feminists, activists, and those in need. At the 75th Golden Globes in 2018, Emma and America took part in the #TimesUp movement alongside several other actresses by wearing black. The two appeared in photos together from that night, which they both shared on Instagram. This looks like it could be the start of a compelling friendship!


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Charlie Puth and Mindy Kaling

In 2020 Charlie tweeted about how much he was enjoying Mindy’s newest series Never Have I Ever. Mindy replied to his tweet with obvious excitement that he was impressed. If Mindy ever needs a score for her next project, she knows that Charlie has got her back! These two would have a fun time hanging out together by sharing all their stories, past experiences, and inspirations for projects… the conversations would never stop!

Although we can’t predict the future, let’s hope that these promising celebrity BFF pairings can come to life. We can’t wait to see what other famous friendships form this upcoming year.

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