5 TV Sitcom Families We’ve Grown To Love This Past Decade!

No one else can make you laugh harder than the ones in your household. Scroll down memory lane for the families that have made us cackle on screen over the past decade!

Although sometimes family members can annoy the living daylights out of us, they are the ones who will be by your side for eternity. Family sitcoms have been around for ages exploring the ups and downs within a household. From Holidays to Sunday night dinners, sitcoms continue to be relatable to any family dynamic. See below the families that we have grown to love over the past ten years!

Schitt’s Creek – The Roses


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Schitt’s Creek made its television debut in 2015 revolving around the Rose family. The Roses lived a lavish life before going broke and losing everything. The only asset the family had remaining was a small town that they bought years ago as a joke known as Schitt’s Creek. In this sitcom, Moira an actor, and Johnny who owns a successful video store must face their new life head on with their two spoiled kids David and Alexis in this small town.

The sitcom explores the ups and downs a family must face when it comes to having a change to your lifestyle. Schitt’s Creek premiered on CBC in Canada and Pop TV in the United States. The show rose to fame once it landed on Netflix in 2017. Not only does the show revolve around family on screen, but off screen as well. Although Johnny and David are father and son on the series, they also are father and son in real life! Dan Levy and Eugene Levy created the series together with even Eugene’s daughter Sarah Levy becoming a series regular; Twyla the waitress.

Schitt’s Creek has related to so many families due to the playful banter each member has played off of one another. If you have yet to binge the Rose family, you can do so streaming now on Hulu.

The Goldbergs – The Goldbergs

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What if there was a show where you documented your entire family and their crazy antics on a daily basis? Well, let me introduce you to The Goldbergs. The Goldberg family made their way to ABC in 2013 with the show currently airing its tenth season. Within the Goldberg clan there is geeky eleven-year-old Adam who is the man behind the camera documenting his family, his mother Beverly, his father Murray who has a hot temper, his terrifying sister Erica, his older brother Barry who suffers from middle child syndrome, and lastly Al “Pops” Solomon.

This sitcom explores the daily lives of the Goldbergs living in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania in the eighties. When it comes to this family, showrunner Adam F. Goldberg knew where to get his material from since the series is based on his actual family! The Goldbergs have related to families all across the globe when it comes to exploring the hardships of grief.

If you’re looking for a show that relates to family antics and that one crazy family member make sure to tune in to The Goldbergs Wednesday nights on ABC.

One Day At A Time – The Alvarezs


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One Day At A Time first hit the screen in the seventies exploring the world of divorced mother Ann Romano in Indianapolis. In 2017, Norman Lear decided to remake the series now revolving around Penelope Alvarez played by Justina Machado. Machado plays a newly single Army veteran who is now a nurse raising her two children Elena and Alex. When she faces any challenges, Penelope turns to her old school mother Lydia and her building manager Schneider.

In every family, there comes a time where there are challenges that we must face that make us stronger. The Alvarez family broke this stigma and made it easier for viewers to watch real world situations be brought up with comedic relief. Not only did they break the stigma of discussing contemporary issues, but the show also broke the stigma of your typical family household. This series explores that not all families have to be related by blood.

If you want to venture into a series that will make you laugh and cry at the same time, then One Day At A Time is for you. The Alvarez family will be waiting for you to stream them over on Netflix.

Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens – The Lums

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Awkwafina makes her debut in this family sitcom Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens. The series is based on her own life growing up in Flushing, Queens with her super-chill, activewear-clad dad Wally, her feisty grandma, and her cousin. Another fun fact throughout the series is that Awkwafina’s real name is Nora. This Lum family made their debut on the screen in 2020. Before the series premiere even aired, the family was already renewed for a second with bringing their comedic relief to households within a city area.

Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens explores the roles of young adulthood in today’s society. The series also breaks the stigma by exploring Asian culture and Asian family norms within a sitcom.

If you want to relate with the Lum’s as they lean on one another throughout the rest of their journey, you can catch the newest season on Comedy Central and stream the series on HBO Max.

Blackish – The Johnsons


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The Johnson family took the world by storm in 2014 when Black-ish became the next big sitcom on ABC. The Johnson’s are an African-American family led by Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson and Rainbow Johnson. Along with Dre and Rainbow, the show follows the lives of their five children Junior, Zoey, Jack, Diane, and Devante. The show revolves around the family’s lives, as they juggle several personal and sociopolitical issues.

Blackish has taken on controversial topics that are addressed and tackled directly in each episode with comedic relief. The series also takes the authentic approach of authenticity with minorities within the media. Although the show ended this past year with its eighth season, The Johnsons will live on throughout history on how viewers can relate to how families resolve issues that happen in contemporary society.

There have been spin-offs of the series such as Grown-ish which revolves around Zoey and Mixed-ish reminiscing on how Rainbow grew up within a mixed family. If you want to go back and watch the Johnson clan, you can binge the series on Hulu and Disney+.

Family sitcoms have been a comfort for us all throughout the years. These families will live on with how they have brought comedic reliefs to households, along with breaking the stigma of your average family. Let us know on Twitter @AfterBuzz TV who your favorite sitcom family is and go give your family members some love!

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