5 times Emma Watson Was a Total Bad-Ass!

We’re celebrating award-winning actress and feminist queen Emma Watson’s birthday by looking back at her most iconic roles, off-screen.

Emma Waston turns 31 years old today! While we all remember her as 9-year-old Hermione Granger, the actress has come a long way from her Harry Potter days. Not only has she gone on to star in award-winning films, but she has also taken on a new, off-screen role: activist. Emma has become a voice for good, campaigning for female empowerment, women’s rights, and gender equality. In honor of her birthday, let’s take a look back at 5 times Emma Watson was a total bad-ass!

Her HeForShe Speech

In 2014, Emma gave what would become a viral speech at the United Nations HeForShe Campaign conference. The campaign fights back against the notion that feminism is simply “man-hating.” In her speech, Emma outlines how feminism is beneficial for both men and women and explains why we should all be feminists. Her speech was so moving and powerful that the it convinced Malala Yousafzai to begin identifying as a feminist.

She combats sexual harassment

In 2018, Emma was one of the over 200 British celebrities who signed an open letter demanding an end to workplace sexual harassment. However, she took it one step further and donated $1.4 million to the Justice and Equality Fund – the UK equivalent of Time’s Up.

She is an ethical fashion icon

Emma is also an advocate for eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable fashion. Back in 2009, the actress created a collection with UK ethical fashion label People Tree and even visited Bangladesh to see how the clothes were being made, and she didn’t stop there. In making the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, the actress worked with stylists to create eco-friendly costumes. Her press-tour wardrobe also consisted of all ethically-made attire that she shared on her Instagram account the_press_tour.

She graduated from Brown University

Emma could have easily lived off of her Harry Potter fame and fortune for the rest of her life, but she decided that it wasn’t enough. In 2009, she enrolled as a freshman at Brown University. And in 2014, she graduated from the Ivy League institution with a degree in English Literature. Casual.

She launched a feminist book club

In 2016, Emma founded the ultimate feminist bi-monthly book club called “Our Shared Shelf.” Anyone can join and read along as she announces the book of the month on the club’s Instagram “oursharedshelf.” The last post was in January of 2020, but we hope that she returns soon for more amazing book recommendations!

Emma is an inspiration to all, but especially to the young girls that look up to her. She undoubtedly changed the perception of feminism for many and we know that she will only continue to change society for the better. Emma is a rare gem in this industry and we celebrate her and her work today, and every day.

Everyone here at AfterBuzz TV thanks her and wishes her a very happy birthday!

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