5 Things We’re Hoping to See in the ‘Euphoria’ S2 Finale!

Euphoria season 2 has been a whirlwind. As we come to Sunday’s finale, here are 5 things we’re hoping to see happen in East Highland to Rue and her friends. 

Spoilers Ahead For Euphoria Season 2!

The long-awaited second season of HBO’s smash hit Euphoria is drawing to a close this coming Sunday. This season saw relationships destroyed, shocking character arcs, and some of the lowest points seen yet. A divisive season for sure especially as the audience continues to grow to massive levels. And the penultimate episode may be one of the show’s finest and most controversial hours leaving fans clamoring for Sunday’s finale.  

Rue’s Sobriety 

Most of season 2 for Rue has been her continuing addiction and struggle to reach sobriety. For the first half of the season, Rue was on bad boy Elliot’s supply and dating Jules at the same time. Of course, Elliot revealed this to Jules during an affair leading to Jules telling Rue’s mother and kickstarting episode 5, the rock bottom for Rue and an incredibly visceral hour of television. After, Rue seems to be on a better track, tearfully apologizing to Ali and bringing him back into her life. She seems genuinely touched by Lexi’s play remembering when they were close and seemed to also enjoy herself during “Holding Out for A Hero.” 

Hopefully, the rock bottom that Rue reached was indeed her rock bottom for the character. We would like to see her eventually make up with Jules, who showed she truly loved Rue by willing to risk her own relationship for Rue’s health, and just spend more time with Lexi and Fez. 

For Elliot To Leave Rue and Jules Alone 

Elliot is a new character this season. While Dominic Fiike is very charismatic and snake-like in the role, the character often acts as a plot device to the frustration of many fans who wanted more of the dynamic between Rue and Jules without an outsider. An outsider who has largely acted to inflame tensions. But after revealing Rue’s relapses to Jules, he’s been on the outs except to get his head bonked by Rue. If he wants to remain friends with Rue and Jules like earlier in the season, he’ll need to put in some work. For now, he complicates a relationship that fans have been shipping for two years. 


A pleasant surprise this season for fans has been the pairing of Fez, a lovable drug dealer, and Lexi, the quiet and underseen sister of Cassie. While their scenes have been brief, they have been among the show’s sweetest. Lexi has finally found someone who understands her, and Fez’s softer and vulnerable side is explored. Fans are rooting for them but nervous especially after episode 7 where Fez didn’t make it to the play as Faye’s boyfriend looks for revenge. There are shots in the promo as well that have social media ablaze. 

For Cassie to Not Kill Her Sister

One of the most shocking elements of this season has been the pairing of Nate Jacobs, a villainous jock and blackmailer who left Cassie broken-hearted at the end of season 1. Initially born out of bad decisions leading up to an NYE party, this couple has continued fully destroying Cassie as she continues to only find her self-worth in men. Featuring regular screaming matches as part of their toxic affair, this plotline came to a head when Maddie discovered the affair and threatened to kill Cassie after the reveal; only for Nate to end up with Cassie. That is until Lexi’s play which exposed them both. Nate leaves Cassie and she goes back dead-eyed, loudly breathing and staring into the theater from the doorway.  A shot that led many users on social media to wish-cast Sydney Sweeney for a horror movie.

Maddy to Stay Happy and Standing Up for Herself

Maddy and Nate’s toxic relationship was a heavy focus of season 1 and is continued this season with Nate’s affair. Their scenes imply their relationship is over-emphasized by their hot tub argument and Nate’s abuse culminates as she is threatened at gunpoint for his dad’s tapes. She also had an emotional falling out with Cassie as Nate ruins her best friend’s life leading to an emotionally devastating season. Maddy finally seems better at Lexi’s play, laughing throughout and cheering on Nate’s mockery. There’s also a great flashback where Maddy helps Lexi with her makeup as an older sister would.  It would be nice to see that growth cemented in the finale. 

Euphoria’s season 2 Finale airs Sunday night at 9pm ET/6pm PT on HBO and simultaneously drops on HBO Max. 

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