5 Summer Shows to Cure Those Winter Blues!

If you’re fed up with low temperatures and dreary weather, check out this list of five TV shows that will warm you right up!

Even though it’s only February, summer can’t come fast enough. While we wait, we’ve rounded up five TV shows filled with sand, sunshine, and (mostly) good vibes.

Outer Banks

This show embodies endless summer with boating, beaches, and a hunt for treasure to keep things interesting. As if that wasn’t enticing enough, a friendship for the ages with a sprinkle of romance keeps things interesting. A new season is coming out on February 23 with even more summer, drama, and fun!

The Summer I Turned Pretty

This show is for the young at heart, with an almost sixteen-year-old main character getting caught in a love triangle. Set during the summertime at a beach house in Cousins, a fictional town based on Cape Cod, the Hamptons, and Outer Banks, The Summer I Turned Pretty will immerse you in swimsuit weather. The second season is also slated to be released this summer on Amazon Prime.

Cruel Summer

With more of a darker, retro summer tone, Cruel Summer is the perfect show if you want summer with a twist. Taking place over three summers in the 90s, this show is a dark drama-thriller that will keep you on your toes. This Hulu show is also returning for a second season this summer, with a different cast and a new era of mystery.

H20: Just Add Water

If you want a throwback endless summer show, H20: Just Add Water is perfect. Set in Australia, with always perfect weather, this three-season show follows three mermaids in high school while they try and save the wildlife in their area. Catch the first season on Netflix or all three seasons on Prime Video.

Love Island

If reality TV is more your thing, Love Island has a perfect blend of romance, gossip, and summer fun that is hot in more than just the weather. With nine seasons of Love Island UK and five seasons of the spinoff show Love Island Australia, there is no shortage of episodes to get immersed in. Catch all the drama on Hulu.

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