5 Shows To Look Forward To Coming Out In March!

A variety of shows are releasing on multiple different streaming services this March. Here are what ones we are most excited to watch!

The Mandalorian Season 3

The Mandalorian season 3 is coming out on Disney+ on March 1st. This season is going to focus on Mando’s return to Mandalore, his home planet, so he can be “forgiven for his transgressions” for taking off his helmet and breaking Mandalorian code. Grogu and Bo-Katan Kryze will also be going along on the ride with Grogu helping him achieve the mission of confronting the Armorer. Several familiar characters from previous seasons will also be making appearances including Peli Motto, Greef Karga, and Babu Frik.

We can’t wait for the new season, especially since season 2 came out in 2020, and fans have been waiting to see what will happen to Mando! Also, we can never get enough Grogu!

True Lies

True Lies is also being released on March 1st on CBS and Paramount+. This new show is based on James Cameron’s La Totale! from 1994. The show will follow Helen (Ginger Gonzaga) and Harry (Steve Howey) a seemingly ordinary married couple. Things take a turn though when Helen discovers Harry is actually a spy for Omega, the top-secret U.S. counterterrorism agency. They soon recruit Helen and she joins Harry and his elite group of operatives, starting a thrilling life of peril and adventure that includes covert missions across the globe while also keeping the huge secret from their three teenage children.

We are eager to watch this new series because it has been discussed since 2010! It is an action packed show but it is also predicted that it will emphasize humor. It will be interesting to watch to see how it spins off from the original 1994 movie into modern times!

You Season 4 Part 2

You Part 2 is going to come out on Netflix on March 9th with Part 1 recently released on February 9th. Season 4 was split to create a midseason cliffhanger revealing the “Eat The Rich Killer.” Part 2 is supposedly a totally different story amongst the killers. This is due to the fact that at the end of Part 1, the killer in London had given Joe two options – he could join him and finish killing Joe’s social circle or he could reveal Joe’s true identity and pin all of the murders on him.

We are anxious to see what Joe decides especially since he had vowed to not kill anymore. It is difficult to form an opinion on what we hope to happen. Joe could go down for murders he didn’t commit and not the ones he actually did, or he could continue his killing streak instead of becoming a “better” person, or he could try to find another way out. No matter what, there are sure to be some type of consequences.

Yellowjackets Season 2

Yellowjackets season 2 is being released on March 24th on Showtime. The show goes back and forth between the 90s, when a plane with New Jersey high school soccer players crashed in an eerie forest on the way to a game, to the present (25 years after the crash) where the survivors are still hiding how they managed to survive for almost two years.

Season 1 left us with a huge reveal and we have been anxiously awaiting the second season. The new season will give us the locations of two survivors and the adult casting of two new characters! Things we need from this second season is what happened to Shauna’s baby, if Jeff knows about the cannibalism secret, and what the deal is with Lottie’s cult in the present day.

Succession Season 4

Lastly, Succession season 4 will be released on HBO and HBO Max on March 26th. This season is going to be about the sale of Waystar Royco to Lukas Matsson pending. The possibility of a sale this large could cause more apprehension and family dissent since the family worries that this move will greatly reduce their influence and their political weight will diminish. However, the sale causes Kendall, Roman, and Shiv to become more united for the first time ever in hopes of keeping their power. Scott

Ferguson said that the Roys will travel to the mountains of Norway for a “family gathering.” which is sure to make for a interesting vacation. It is believed that Kendall will continue down a destructive path, and there will undoubtedly be more fighting and backstabbing, and we also might get insight into the Roys’ political incorporations which might affect Connor’s bid for the White House. One thing is sure, we definitely don’t anticipate the toxic family conflicts to end any time soon!

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