5 Shows To Binge If You Love ‘Poker Face’!

Peacock’s case of the week mystery show is finally here! If you’re as obsessed with it as we are, you probably want more. Not to worry, we’ve got more detective shows you can binge right now!

We can’t lie; we’re kinda obsessed with Poker Face! This newest mystery series from Rian Johnson follows Natasha Lyonne as Charlie, a woman with the incredible ability to tell when people are lying. In every episode, she encounters a new group of people and a new mystery to untangle. The first four episodes of the show dropped on Peacock on January 26th, with a new episode coming out every Thursday moving forward. If you already finished all the episodes that are out or are just looking for a detective show to binge, we got you covered with some must see picks!

Mare of Easttown

Odds are you also watched this acclaimed miniseries in early 2021, but just in case you haven’t yet (or you want an excuse to binge it again), you can stream the entire series right now on HBOmax. The series follows Kate Winslet as a detective in suburban Philadelphia who must solve a deeply dark and personal case. While it doesn’t have the fun and joke filled spirit of Poker Face, this show is a knock out in terms of performances, cinematography, and tension. Monster star Evan Peters also shines as the younger, more hopeful detective that Winslet must team up with to solve the murder of a local girl. Mare of Easttown is dark, gripping, and surprisingly emotional. This is a must watch (and even re-watch).

Perry Mason

While Perry Mason is technically a lawyer and not a detective, he’s still out there solving mysteries, so we’re going to count it. This modern reboot of the classic 50’s procedural follows Matthew Rhys as the titular lawyer who, every season, takes on a new case to prove someone innocent. The show takes place in 1930s LA and explores the inter-tangled web of corruption and development. Robert Downey Jr. produced this drama, and the first season also included She-Hulk’s Tatiana Maslany as Mason’s client. Luckily it has already been renewed for a second season coming March 6th. That is just enough time to get caught up on season one, now streaming on HBOmax!


While Veronica Mars is an undeniable TV mystery classic, we also love this horror take on the genre from the same creative team. iZombie follows Olivia Moore, a woman who helps the police with murder cases. The twist? She’s a zombie who gets her clues by eating the brains of the recently deceased. This cult CW show may have gone under discussed, but was beloved by its fans. Holding a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, this darkly comedic mystery could become a new comfort favorite, and you can stream all five seasons on Netflix!

Pushing Daisies

Keeping with the morbid yet charming tone of iZombie, Pushing Daisies is the sweetest show about murders and pies you’ll ever see. This ABC procedural follows Lee Pace as Ned, a pie baker who has the ability to bring the dead back to life by touching them; however, if he touches them again, they die permanently. With the help of his childhood love, Chuck, he solves a new case every week. Sadly, he can never touch Chuck because he brought her back to life, and even a single kiss will kill her forever. This show is infinitely creative and deeply romantic. For such a strange premise, it is able to express every type of emotion. This is such a unique show that sadly only lasted two seasons, but you can stream both of them on HBO Max.



Poker Face creator Rian Johnson has been very open about how his new show is influenced by this classic 70s mystery. While the two shows hold no literal connections, Poker Face often feels like the spiritual reboot of Columbo. Much like Peacock’s newest show, Columbo follows an outwardly scruffy protagonist solving a new murder every week, the audience is told all the details of the mystery right at the beginning, and the fun then becomes us watching the detective solve the case for themselves. Sound familiar? Despite being half a century old, Columbo holds up as a great mystery and the perfect comfort show. Pick any episode at random, and you are bound to find an exciting guest star, a layered crime, and an incredible performance from Peter Falk as Columbo. What makes this show even more special is that the first episode, “Murder by the Book,” was the directorial debut of Steven Speilberg. All episodes of Columbo are now streaming on Peacock, and they make the perfect pairing with a new episode of Poker Face.

Make sure to check out some of these great shows and new episodes of Poker Face every Thursday on Peacock!

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