5 Reasons Why We Love Randall Park, In Honor Of His Birthday!

From Always Be My Maybe to WandaVision, we love more than Randall Park. To celebrate his birthday, we are highlighting the top 5 reasons why we love him!

He Made Us Laugh as Asian Jim On The Office

Asian Jim is arguably one of Randall Park’s most iconic roles. In The Office, Jim decides to play a prank on coworker Dwight by having his actor friend Steve pose as Jim. Steve, played by Randall Park, is so convincing that he makes Dwight question all reality. The entire scene is one of our favorites from the show, all thanks to Randall.

He Became a Fan Favorite as Jimmy Woo

In the midst of the pandemic lockdown, we got to watch WandaVision. Though the series on Disney+ was focused on Wanda and Vision, Randall Park quickly became the fan favorite as Jimmy Woo. Fans went so far as to even beg Disney to give Jimmy Woo his own show, and we’re with them.


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He Gave Us One Of The Funniest Scenes With Keanu Reeves

Randall produced and starred in Netflix romcom Always Be My Maybe with Ali Wong. At one point in the movie, Marcus, played by Randall, and his girlfriend go on a double date with Ali Wong’s character and her new love interest played by Keanu Reeves. The date goes south quickly, and it ends with Marcus punching Keanu’s character. It’s pretty funny if you ask us.

He’s Bringing Asian Representation to Hollywood

As a Korean American, Randall Park is making sure that Asians are represented in Hollywood in every project that he has worked on. This is especially true when he worked on Always Be My Maybe, as there are so many moments in the movie that Asians are able to relate to. We are so thankful for everything that he has done for Asian representation.

He’s Down to Earth

If there’s one thing that we love most about Randall Park, it’s that he’s down to earth despite all of his success. He’s not afraid to share his honest experiences, such as his struggle with imposter syndrome. In all of his interviews, Randall also proves that he’s still humble and is a human being like the rest of us, making us love him all the more.

Happy birthday Randall Park! We are sure that there will be even more reasons to add to our list of why we love you in the future.

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