5 Reasons to Watch Marsai Martin’s Show ‘Saturdays’ on Disney+!

If your Disney days are behind you, it’s time to make your way back because young mogul, Marsai Martin, is giving us all the nostalgia with her new show Saturdays. Here are 5 reasons why you need to watch!

It’s a Show for Everyone

If you enjoy family style coming-of-age comedies, Saturdays is the perfect feel good show for you! Set in Chicago, Illinois, the show centers on 14-year-old skating enthusiasts Paris Johnson and her two besties, Ari & Simone. Together as they form the We-BGirlz skate crew, they find solace at their local skating rink–Saturdays. Every Saturday, they show off their skills and tighten their bond on and off the rink. The humor and themes covered in the show translate well with a variety of age groups. The girls each have their own style and individualism that shine through the screen, making it inevitable to fall in love with their personalities and harmonious sisterhood.


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Authentic Black Girlhood

The show is infused with silhouettes of Martin’s personal experience with family and friendship in an effort to authentically represent and inspire marginalized communities and, most importantly, Black girls who traditionally don’t see themselves positively represented in media. The characters don stylish outfits and express the versatility of black hair with a plethora of gorgeous hairstyles throughout the series. Saturdays is an eruption of Black joy and happiness traversing through lessons of sisterhood and family relations. In the most beautifully pleasurable way, Martin has brought a sanguine view of Black love and community to Disney Channel with hopes of creating “something that [is] timeless, that everybody can look back and say it was a great show that touched a lot of people’s lives.”


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Ode to Skating Culture

When was the last time you’ve seen groovy skate routines on TV? Probably not since Roll Bounce which is actually a film! Well, Saturdays has you covered; it shows off well choreographed sequences while highlighting the importance of skating culture in the Black community and, more specifically, Chicago’s own unique skating culture. The skating aspect of the show not only bridges the young girls together but cultivates an entire community amongst the cast, which pours out successfully in the show. The upbeat music and vibrant colorful vibe of the show bring all the excitement back to skating. You may end up convincing your friends to take a trip to your local rink after watching the light-hearted kindred show.



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Nostalgia, Am I Right?

Disney’s come a long way from the That’s so Raven era, but Martin is taking us back to our roots with Saturdays! There’s an unexplainable nostalgic essence flowing through the show; maybe it’s the single-cam filming or the centering of a tight-knit girl group or even the nuclear Black family; whatever it is–you’ll probably be reminiscing after watching. The show also features Omar Gooding, known for his role as Earvin in the 90s sitcom Hangin’ with Mr.Cooper, and actress Golden Brooks who played Maya in the early 2000s show Girlfriends. The casting of beloved actors from our favorite ’90-’00s shows adds yet another layer of nostalgia to the show, as they play the parents of Paris.

Marsai Martin Produced It!

Hollywood has their fair share of young stars, but Martin, whom you may know as Diane from ABC’s hit show Black-ish, stands out amongst the rest! The multi-hyphenate is the youngest executive producer in Hollywood and already has a burgeoning body of work under her belt. At the ripe age of 14, Martin made history as an executive producer with her first feature film, Little, starring herself, Issa Rae, and Regina Hall. Through other projects she’s produced, like the Discovery+ series Remix My Space with Marsai Martin and Paramount+ film Fantasy Football, she is transforming the way gen-z voices are valued in entertainment and breaking barriers for future generations of young Black girls who aspire to work in creative spaces. Martin is an extraordinary young woman who’s on the trajectory of becoming a household name for film and television makers, and we can’t help but be in awe at her trailblazing work. Go watch and support her newest show, Saturdays, airing every Friday on Disney Channel, with episodes released on Disney+ the following day. 

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