5 Reasons to Watch ‘Love On The Spectrum U.S.’!

Director Cian O’Clery is back with a U.S. version of the 2019 Australian show Love On The Spectrum, and there is so much to love!

Awesome Dates

If you are looking for inspiration for your next date, start taking notes! The cast of the show goes to some truly beautiful places this season like water-side restaurants, a California mansion on an estate, a big cat and bear sanctuary, and even a Medieval Renaissance fair. The show certainly shows off some great romantic settings.


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Family and Friends

Before each of the cast members begin going out on dates, they meet with their family or friends and talk about their new goal to start dating. The families and friends are kind and encouraging, and they help the audience get to know more about the cast members!

Different Types of People

While there is a small cast of people featured in the show, there is variety in race, age, and personality. The main characters hail from various coastal cities in the continental United States. The show demonstrates that people on the spectrum cannot be categorized as one type of person because of their autism. The cast members are communicative about their autism and what they want out of the dating experience.


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Dating Advice

Before their dates, some of the cast members meet with Jennifer Cook, an author and autism expert who is on the spectrum as well. Cook gives the cast members advice about dating, communication, and conversation. Even if you’re a serial dater, you can still learn more about communication and manners on a first date.


Ultimately, the show demonstrates that finding love is a process that requires communication, patience, and defining what you want out of a relationship, regardless of whether you have been dating your whole life or have never dated anyone.


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