5 Reasons to Binge ‘Tell Me Lies’ Before Season 2!

If you’re looking for a new show to get addicted to, Tell Me Lies should be added to your must-watch list! While we eagerly await the second season, here are a few reasons why you need to start this show!

#1: The Plot

This might seem basic, but nowadays it can be hard to find an original drama series that keeps you at the edge of your feet. Tell Me Lies revolves around Lucy, an 18-year-old going off to college, and explores the impact that the new relationships she forms along the way have on her life. It’s packed with characters that you probably won’t like, but somehow will still root for, leading to our second reason to watch the series:

#2: The Characters 

We argue that pretty much none of the characters in Tell Me Lies are all that likable, except maybe one or two. In fact, it’s the two central figures, Lucy and Stephen, who repeatedly make the worst decisions time and time again. However, the writers successfully show us the psychology around every bad decision that they make, so the audience finds a way to justify it, somehow leaving us rooting for the characters no matter how much we might dislike them. So, although we can’t promise you’re going to like a lot of the characters, we can say you’re going to love watching their stories unfold.

#3: The Actors 

For one, all of the actors are incredible in this show, but what we love most is the relationships that they have outside of the series. The two main characters are actually dating in real life, and of course, this makes us love watching and rooting for their characters’ relationship even more! And if you love that, you might also like to hear that the actor that plays Stephen’s mom in the show is actually his mom in real life! There are so many relationships like this amongst the cast, which we love to see as fans!

#4: The Cinematography

The cinematography is absolutely amazing, conveying relationships and leaving cliffhangers that started in the first episode and still haven’t been answered going into season 2. For example, when we see Stephen and Lucy’s first look at each other years later as it cuts back to the same look they gave each other in college, we already know that there’s a long and intense story that’s going to be shown throughout the whole series. Another example is the ending of season 1. It leaves you gasping, and yet again angry at some of our characters, all through the camerawork and editing without any lines.


#5: It is weirdly relatable

Although a lot of viewers can agree that you wouldn’t want to be friends with most of the characters in this show, the characters and some of the mistakes they make are pretty relatable. Being young and naive in college and making stupid mistakes is something just about anyone can relate to. Although what these characters do are extreme, we can find some relatability in why they chose to lie to some of their friends or keep secrets, for example.

We highly recommend if you need a new watch to check out this show and hopefully these reasons have convinced you. We promise it won’t disappoint!

Season 2 of Tell Me Lies does not have a premiere date as of yet. It was expected to air sometime in late 2023 although the recent SAG/AFTRA strike could affect that projection.

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