5 Netflix Originals That Deserved Another Season!

Netflix has many shows but some were cut short and left us wanting more. Here are 5 titles that we believe deserved another season. 

Marco Polo

In this show spectators watch the life of Marco Polo, an adventurer and a trader that travels the world, but ends up on the wrong side of Asia at the worst time. After his father abandons him, he is then recruited by Kublai Khan the current leader of the Mongol empire, and one of the grandchildren of the great conqueror Ghenhis Khan. This show did a great job at portraying historical figures. and when it comes to war scenes and action it does not disappoint.

The storyline is well explained throughout each of the two seasons, and it is sad that we didn’t get more. This show definitely deserves another chance.

Altered Carbon

This sci-fi show follows the life of Takeshi Kovacs, an ex soldier who now is a private investigator, that is hired to investigate the killing of a powerful man. This show is pure madness as humans can switch bodies by simply transplanting a ship carrying all their memories into a different body, making death a thing of the past.

Kovac who is also in a new body will need to resolve the crime, while searching for the murderer he encounters different enemies that he has to face. This whole cyberpunk vibe is something to admire and even though only two seasons were made this show has huge potential and hopefully gets picked up again.

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This series is about the North American fur trade in the 1700s. Declan Harp, a half-Irish, half-Native American is considered an outlaw who wants to take down the Hudson’s Bay company because they are destroying the Native American’s lands and stealing their territory. This is a good historical show that features a main character who is from both worlds, and we can see the struggle of the Native American people who had their land stolen by Europeans.

Being 3 seasons long this show still has so much storyline that could be potentially used for more.


Gentefied features a Mexican family who own a Mexican restaurant and are struggling to stay in business. The setting takes place in the city of Los Angeles to be more specific Boyle Heights, and shows how gentrification is affecting minorities and forcing them to give up on their community. Even though part of the story is sad, sharing the struggle of how gentrification is affecting communities, there are a lot of funny scenes and heartwarming scenes as well that made viewers feel connected to the show.

With this much heart we need to see more of this show and hopefully get the opportunity in the future.

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Barbarians is a historical show that takes place in 9AD, when the Roman Empire was expanding and trying to conquer the germanic tribes. This show gave us the opportunity to watch the great battle of Teutoburg Forest and is filled with action and amazing battle scenes. If you like shows like The Last Kingdom or Vikings this show needs to be on your watchlist.

It’s 2 seasons long and the only thing that will disappoint you is that it isn’t longer.

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