5 Most Shocking Moments in HBO’s ‘The Last Of Us’ So Far!

HBO’s The Last Of Us is bringing us on the ride of our lives. Now that Season 1 is halfway over, here are moments from each episode that shocked new viewers and old fans alike.

A new record of 7.5 million people tuned in to Episode 5 of HBO’s The Last Of Us, which aired two days early to not conflict with Super Bowl LVII. “Endure and Survive” is also the highest rated episode so far, sitting at a 9.6 on iMDB. Now having seen Lamar Johnson and Keivonn Woodard’s fantastic performances, Season 1 is officially halfway over. Here are five of the most shocking moments from the first 5 episodes that made new and old fans’ jaws drop!

Grandma Adler is Infected

Our first inkling of the impending apocalypse came in the form of an old lady in a wheelchair, poor grandma Adler. We see her seize and silently roar out of focus behind Joel’s daughter, Sarah. Sarah later finds the woman taking a bite out of her own daughter’s neck after taking out said daughter’s husband, mycelia writhing from her mouth.

This was our first look at tendrils, the adaptation’s form of fungal spread. It also showed how ruthless and inhuman Cordyceps made its hosts, arguably even scarier than in the game. What was a fragile elderly woman hours ago now sprinted after Sarah like a bloody ragdoll, thirsting to spread.

The Infected Kiss

The infected only get more horrifying as we learn more about them. The tendrils made Tess’ fate tragic in a whole new way. Instead of simply succumbing to her bite or being shot by FEDRA soldiers, the adaptation shows an infected Stalker waltz up to Tess and spread the fungus mouth-to-mouth in a violating French kiss. The act was a testament to the insidious nature of the Cordyceps, a pseudo-gentleness just as ferocious as a bite.

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Bill and Frank’s Double Suicide

Viewers are still reeling from Bill and Frank’s love story, extended and altered for the show.

Instead of having the couple face a lonely, bitter end as they did in the game, Bill and Frank live together peacefully for 17 years. They learn and grow together, Bill becoming kinder than the hardened survivalist we met originally. He waters the flowers when Frank is no longer able, and he can’t imagine a life without him. He is old, he is fulfilled, and he’s ready to go peacefully with the love of his life.

I will happily sacrifice Bill and Ellie’s banter from the game for good men getting a bittersweet ending after a fulfilling life.

Joel Laughing At Ellie’s Jokes

It seems like Ellie’s main goal is to crack Joel’s grumpy dad face, and she finally did, thanks to No Pun Intended: Volume Too. After weeks of begrudging protection and sarcastic comebacks, Joel and Ellie are warming up to each other. In a serious and genuine tone, Ellie tells Joel that diarrhea is hereditary; after a moment of confusion followed by realization, Ellie comes in with the punchline (it runs in your jeans). The pair absolutely lose it, laughing and smiling in the empty woods in the middle of Kansas, grateful for a moment of reprieve amidst the tragedy.

The Clicker Sinkhole

This ultimate jaw-dropping moment comes after seeing barely any infected in the past couple of episodes. Kathleen and her raiders have our protagonists cornered, and Henry and Sam’s fate feels inevitable. Just then, a truck Joel shot off the road begins to sink into the ground. Brief moments of silence are soon interrupted by hundreds of infected (likely those pushed underground by FEDRA) erupting from the sinkhole and running at anything that moves. Necks are ripped out, faces are mauled, and the swarm takes dozens of lives in an instant.

The carnage only worsens as a Bloater leaps from the depths. Perry’s bullets do nothing, and we can only watch in horror as it rips his head clean off. Kathleen is taken out by a feral Clicker child leaping through the air, ironic considering her disregard for the safety and health of children.

Our heroes escape to short-lived safety, but we see the crowd of infected continue to spread, soon to reclaim the city once again.

I’m sure HBO’s The Last Of Us will continue to surprise us with its final four episodes and upcoming Season 2. My jaw hurts from constantly hitting the floor!

You can catch the last 5 new episodes of The Last Of Us on HBO and HBO Max on Sundays at 9 pm ET.

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