5 Most Shocking Moments From Netflix’s ‘Virgin River’!

Netflix’s Virgin River is about to premiere Part 1 of its 5th season on September 7th. As everyone is about to prepare for the dramatic new season, let’s look back at some of the most shocking moments throughout the 4 seasons that have had fans on the edge of their seats.

Virgin River first premiered on Netflix on December 6, 2019, and is based on the book of the same name written by Robyn Carr. In 2022, the show became the tenth most-streamed English show on Netflix. Overall, the combined seasons have been number one for 35 days in the Top 10 of Netflix, making it the second most ever to hold this spot. This show has had a lot of shocking moments which is why it’s so popular, but here are the top five moments that were jaw-dropping.

**Spoilers for Virgin Rivier Seasons 1-4 Ahead**

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Mel Leaving Virgin River

In the finale of season 1, it’s revealed to Mel that Jack is the father of Charmaine’s baby. This causes her to lose her trust in Jack as she is told by Hope about his situation instead of him. Mel can’t deal with this as she’s been told she couldn’t have any children after having a stillbirth. Mel packs her things as she prepares to leave Virgin River. The viewers were distraught as this was a surprising move for Mel to make knowing she still wanted to be with Jack.

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Jack was Shot

In the finale of season 2, Mel goes to find Jack at his bar, however, she can’t find him until she notices chairs on the floor and sees Jack lying on the floor covered in blood from a gunshot wound. He’s barely conscious as she applies pressure on the wound as she calls the paramedics. This was definitely a jaw-dropping moment for viewers as Jack was just fine a few scenes ago. It was also shocking for everybody since Jack was well-liked in the town, so the question was who would shoot him?

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Brady is Arrested

In the season 3 finale, Brady is arrested for shooting Jack as the gun from the incident is found in his car. He insists he is being framed, but the police don’t believe him neither does Brie, Jack’s sister whom he recently began a romantic relationship with. This moment was shocking and disappointing at the same time since Brady was just recently redeeming himself.


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Mel Doesn’t Know Who the Father is

In the finale of season 3, Mel finds out she is pregnant after the IVF procedure and decides to tell Jack because he is about to propose to her. She then proceeds to tell him that she doesn’t know if he is the father or if it’s deceased husband. This moment had everybody’s jaws on the floor as the audience was previously told Mel couldn’t conceive a child. The audience wants Jack to be the father as their relationship is the most popular within the show, so this was a massive curveball to throw in.

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The Twins are Not Jack’s

In the finale of season 4, Mel and Jack arrive at Charmaine’s house and she is on the floor crying. She is five months pregnant with twins and has previously claimed that Jack is the father in season 1. Charmaine is worried that her new husband, Todd is going to leave her and is she’s going to lose the babies because she lied. She reveals that Jack is not the father of the twins. This moment was shocking, but everybody was hoping this day would come as Charmaine was not well-liked, and the idea of Jack being the father. Overall, this is more of a relief for Mel and Jack as they prepare for the arrival of their own baby.


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There have been, so many surprising moments throughout this show it’s hard to keep up with them all. I am sure there’s more to come with this upcoming season, especially in the season finale.

You can catch up by streaming seasons 1-4 of Virgin River on Netflix. Let us know on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV if you agree with these five most shocking moments from the show.

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