5 Heartwarming Moments From ‘Summer House’ Premiere.

Bravo’s Summer House season 6 is here to “send it,” as Kyle Cooke says, and we have the 5 most heartwarming moments of the premiere episode!

 Summer House is back, and season 6 starts off with as many laughs as dramatic moments. We expect nothing less than excitement and jaw dropping news from these housemates, but what we love most is how supportive these friends are of each other. Keep scrolling to see the 5 most heartwarming moments of the episode.

Andrea Denver on missing his family in Italy

Here to stay after his Vermont debut in Winter House, Andre Denver wasn’t afraid to let his softer side show all throughout the first episode. This summer Andrea traded romance in Rome for a house in The Hamptons. He spoke about how difficult it was to be away from his beloved family.

“This is the first time in my entire life that I’m not going to go back to Italy for the Summer…This is bittersweet for me because I miss my parents, but I’m really excited to join my friends this summer,” the Italian model said in the beginning of the show.


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Danielle Olivera’s romantic side

Up next in our favorite moments of the night is Danielle gushing over her boyfriend Robert Sieber. In past seasons, Danielle made it clear that she doesn’t need a man to be happy and successful (and we love an independent, fierce woman!) However when she speaks about Robert, we get a glimpse at a different side of Danielle. It’s clear that the two are in love and happier than ever. Danielle shared at the dinner table that Robert is the love of her life. Watching this beautiful relationship blossom is something all her fans and friends are in support of. The long-time friends raised their glasses in honor of Danielle and expressed their excitement. Team Dobert all the way!


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Andrea doting over Paige Desorbo and the girls

Andrea makes the top five once again, but this time for his charm and ways with the ladies. After an eventful night out at the gang’s usual spot, Andrea made fresh coffee for Ciara Miller and Paige in the morning. Reminiscent of their Vermont trip, Andrea proves he’s a gentleman with the girls all season round. Andrea even helped Lindsay Hubbard unpack her luggage. We can’t blame him for adoring these wonderful women.


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Paige’s Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Another favorite moment was seeing Paige and new housemate, Mya Allen, bond over scrambled eggs. Paige even joked about how she watched a youtube video on how to create the perfect scrambled egg. Being the new girl isn’t easy, especially with this bunch, but Paige is skilled at breaking the ice. This moment showed that Mya is already right at home. We love seeing the real and silly side to these reality TV celebrities!


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5. Carl Radke Supporting Lindsay

To top off the most heartwarming moment of the episode was Lindsay opening up to Carl Radke about her miscarriage. Carl was quick to hug and support Lindsay, letting her speak freely. Fans watching the show immediately took to twitter to send their love to Hubbs as well.

“You know for real I’m here for you,” Carl said.

After watching these two best friends get through all the ups and downs the past 5 seasons with each other, it’s nice to know they really do have one another’s backs. This moment is even more beautiful knowing that the pair ended up officially dating after the summer.


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Season 6 will undoubtedly bring many more cherished moments between the crew, and we’re excited to watch them all! The new season will air every monday on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET and 6 p.m. PT.

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