5 Heartwarming Comments To Victor’s Coming Out Scene On ‘The Umbrella Academy’!

Vanya has officially become Victor on the latest season of The Umbrella Academy and fans are sharing their support of the character! 

In 2020, actor Elliot Paige came out as transgender. Many were curious to see what would happen with his character, Vanya, on The Umbrella Academy. Now they have their answer, as 9n the recently released third season the character has officially come out as transgender now called Victor. The Umbrella Academy fans have embraced Victor and appreciate the representation this has brought for transgender people in the media. The tweets below truly echo how this will positively affect LGBTQ+ media.

Many feared what Elliot would do with Vanya. When the trailer came out and showed him playing Victor, fans were thrilled he got to play a character that aligns with his identity.

Victor’s coming-out scene was so casual and perfect. He simply corrected his brother and said, “I go by Victor now.” The family easily adapted and moved on with the conversation.

In a strange way, Victor’s coming out brings him closer to his siblings, during a time they need it most.

Sometimes family members aren’t sure what to say when someone comes out, but 5 did the right thing. He just validated and embraced his brother, because he loves him unconditionally and wants him to be healthy.

Most importantly, people related to the things Victor said while coming out as trans. The representation felt empowering and authentic to many viewers. Seeing yourself in the media is invaluable.

Fans are happy and have accepted Victor with open arms. It is exciting to see what is in the future for Elliot but also for what queer media Netflix will continue to bring forth.

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