5 Female Fitness Influencers You Need To Follow!

Everyone in the gym community has people they look up to. Here are some of the popular female influencers on social media right now!

Typically, the gym can be intimidating for women. It is more difficult when you are new to the gym community and working out. You might feel lost, not know what exercises to do, and be scared of embarrassing yourself.

No matter what, we all start somewhere! The journey begins the same way for everyone – being a newbie in the gym. You aren’t expected to know exercises, form, etc, but you can learn!

An easy place to get background knowledge and build a foundation for yourself is from social media. There are many female influencers that post content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube that will allow you to become more confident in the gym!

Analis Cruz @analiscruzx

Analis Cruz posts different splits, workouts, and food. The splits show different workouts for leg day, back and biceps, etc. This helps teach people the importance of focusing on specific parts of the body each workout to target those muscles and not overwork yourself. She also shares workouts specifically for beginners and includes all the details for everything she does. She posts different meals and snacks along with the recipes on Instagram.


Leana Deeb @leanadeeb

Leana Deeb also posts workouts, meals, and recipes. She posts herself meal prepping which can be very beneficial in understanding how to reach your goals. She includes clips where things don’t go as expected and would be considered embarrassing. Her posting about it and laughing it off may help people become more comfortable since they can see that it is not that serious and things happen to everyone no matter how experienced they are in the gym. She posts workout splits and essential movements to do, along with all the details (sets, reps, time) in the caption. She also loves to journal and is focusing on bettering herself and bringing herself closer to her religion.


Nona Bayat @nonabayat

Nona Bayat posts workout splits and meals for all different parts of the day as well. She has videos specifically titled “shy edition.” These videos typically mean staying in one spot of the gym so you aren’t moving around a lot and worried about looking lost. It allows you to find a spot in the gym where you are most comfortable. She does workouts with no equipment, dumbbells only, and even provides at home workouts. She also shares different smoothie recipes which can be helpful in finding something you like.


Elena Stavinoha @elenachristine_s

Elena Stavinoha posts mainly workouts and “get ready with me” videos. Her account has recently shown how much dedication pays off. Progress doesn’t happen overnight and it takes longer to see the difference in some people than others, but it does not mean you should give up. Her Instagram shows longer clips of each workout which can help with form. She also includes what they are called and how many sets she does for each in the caption.


Tori V @tori.vfit

Tori V shares workouts and meals as well, but she focuses on the journey of bulking and cutting. She competes in bikini competitions and gives insight to the whole process of what you go through. She also does voice overs on her videos to explain gym terminology including workout names and walk throughs of what the form should look/feel like. She discusses lack of motivation, body dysmorphia, having a healthy relationship with food, and discipline.


All of these inspiring women can help you get an understanding and set goals for yourself in order to grow!

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