5 Amazing Anime’s On Netflix!

Netflix always has amazing shows on their platform and anime’s are no exception! We have a list of 5 they’re streaming currently to check out.

One Piece

One Piece is one of the most famous anime’s right now. With over one thousand episodes it is the longest anime series ever made. If you think that is too long, think again! It has so many good arcs such as “Skypiea”, “Dressrosa”, “Enies Lobby”, “Wano”, etc. In this show we can see the development and growth of each of the main characters, we get to see part of their stories and struggles they’ve had to face. They all had to overcome challenges and get stronger in order to help their Captain Monkey D. Luffy becomes the king of pirates and obtain the biggest treasure there is. “The One Piece”. You won’t be sorry to give this anime a chance and enjoy the adventures and journey of Luffy and his crew. 


Vinland Saga

This anime in particular had a huge impact on its fans in 2023. We get to see the main character Thorfin try to become a better human being, after spending most of his life in Viking wars and rages where he had to kill hundreds of people. His goal used to be revenging the assassination of his father, but now he wants to become a true warrior and be kind with everyone and travel to the promised land called Valhalla, where he wants to start a civilization without wars. 

This anime series consists of 2 seasons with 12 episodes each, it is a great choice if you enjoy character development, adventure, gore and action. If you have never watched anime before this is without a doubt an incredible choice to start your journey into the world. 

Demon Slayer 

Demon Slayer takes us back to the Taisho period in Japan. In this anime we get to see the journey of Kamado Tanjiro, a 16 year old teenager who lost his family by the hand of Muzan Kibotsuyi who is the main antagonist of the story. All he has left after his family is attacked by the demon is his younger sister Nezuko who is turned into a demon. To turn his sister back into a human, Tanjiro decides to join an organization called Demon Slayers. That is when his true challenge begins.

Hunter X Hunter 

This is one of the most beloved anime by its fans, even though it is not finished and its author is always postponing its return, it does not take away the fact that this is a masterpiece from the first chapter. The creativity behind the animation and the story is something to admire. This is another great choice to start in the anime world, because there are a lot of things that this anime combines such as adventure, action, mystery, and fantasy. 


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Death Note

This is one of the most iconic anime series ever, the reason behind it is because this anime is full of breathtaking moments. The story revolves around Light Yagami, a very intelligent high school student who one day finds a book called “Death Note”. This book gives him the power to kill any person, he only needs to write their names in order for this to happen. He decides to start eliminating all the criminals from Japan thinking he was doing the right thing, but all this power turns him into a dangerous individual with a thirst for power. He starts to feel as a god and that is when things take a turn and his destiny starts to turn against him.


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