40 of Kim Kardashian’s Most Memorable Moments from the Past 40 Years!

In honor of Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday, we are taking a look back at Kim’s 40 most memorable moments, from her iconic diamond earring to taking selfies on the way to drop Khloe at jail; let’s take a look back!

The lost diamond earring

Kim’s diamond earring is lost after boyfriend Kris Humphries throws her in the ocean while on a family vacation in Bora Bora.

Her first Vogue cover

Back in 2014 Kim graced the cover of Vogue for their April issue alongside husband, Kanye West. The cover titled, “Kim & Kanye Their Fashionable Life and Surreal Times #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple” gave us a glimpse into their life, newly engaged and with baby North!

Kim and Paris Hilton’s friendship

Before Kim became Kim Kardashain, she was Paris Hilton’s assistant turned BFF! Paris and Kim have remained friends more than a decade and continue to show off their friendship on social media. How can we forget about their matching LV bag moment!

Her 4 kids

North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm all call KKW mom! How adorable are her kids!?

Her Italian wedding

Kim surprised everyone, even her guests, by getting married to Kanye in Italy instead of Paris on May 24, 2014. No detail was spared for their special day in Florence. Kim wore custom Givenchy haute couture designed by Riccardo Tisci.

ICONIC Paper Magazine cover

Kim’s Paper Magazine cover needs no words to describe it. It was simply iconic! People went dressed as her for Halloween, recreated this look and it honestly broke the internet.

2019 Met Gala Look

Kim is constantly stepping up her fashion game and this past year’s Met was no exception. The Camp theme inspired Kim to go for a stunning look! She dressed as if she had just come out of the ocean. The look was called Mugler Drip and the corset she wore under the dress is what has all of our jaws dropping.


Being the business woman she is, Kim launched SKIMS to provide comfortable shapewear to women. The brand launched last September and has been a big hit.


Keeping Up With the Kardashians was what made Kim or is it Kim that made the show? Either way the 19 seasons have given us all so much joy and insight into her life!

Naked Selfie Pregnant with Saint

Back a decade or so ago Kim was all about posing nude. She even showed off her baby bump to quiet the haters during her pregnancy with Saint.

Law School

Kim is studying to become a lawyer. Her late father, Robert Kardashian, was a lawyer, so it’s only fitting that Kim follows in his footsteps! She is now just over halfway done with school.

Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal justice reform is something that has captured Kim’s attention since studying to become a lawyer. She has met with President Trump a couple of times to get clemency for people who have been serving unjust sentences. It all started for Kim in 2018 when she learned about Alice Johnson’s story. Kim petitioned for Johnson’s release and Trump commuted her sentence the following month.


Kim posed for Playboy back in 2007. We cannot forget about the iconic quote from Kris Jenner that came out of this shoot. “You’re doing amazing sweetie.” What else would we tell our friends if Kris didn’t say it first?!

Kim’s Bentley

Nice things and cars are fun, but we can’t forget what happened when Kim got her Bentley. She was fighting with Khloe when she went to pick up her brand new car, and she still has it today!

Victoria’s Secret Angel Halloween

Halloween is everyone’s favorite time to dress up and Kim is no exception. She and her sisters decided to go as Victoria Secret Angels one year and we still can’t believe this happened!

KKW Beauty

Kim launched KKW Beauty in 2017 and set herself apart from Kylie’s Kylie Cosmetics. She has been releasing different collections and products over the years. We can’t forget about her KKW Beauty pop up shops!

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game

Don’t deny it; we all played Kim Kardashian Hollywood when it came out! What else would you want to do besides play a game and get to live Kim’s life?!

Calvin Klein Campaign

Kim and her sisters did a Calvin Klein campaign together! Something the famous family had never done before. Plus it was shot a month after Kylie gave birth, secretly, and a month before Khloe gave birth!

Won First Influencer Award at CFDA Fashion Awards

Kim continues to break down barriers and won the first influencer award at the CFDA Fashion Awards in 2018! With millions of followers and fans there’s no wonder why she won the award.

Making a mold of her body for her perfume bottle

Kim is constantly breaking barriers and setting herself apart from everyone else and when it came to her perfume, it was no different. She had a mold of her body made for the perfume bottle!

The ICONIC Met Gala Bathroom Selfie from 2017

Who doesn’t remember the bathroom selfie from the 2017 Met Gala? If you did forget, here it is, with Kim and tons of other celebs! It is a iconic moment from the night

12 year old Kim’s fashion

Throwbacks on a young Kim Kardashian show off her style. At just 12 years old Kim’s style was better than our’s. Look at the leather jacket!

Kim in Fergie’s music video

What else is a hot mom to do than be in a MILF music video? Kim took a milk shower for Fergie’s song!

Bleach Blonde Kim

Kim once again proves that she can pull off absolutely anything! Blonde has never looked better on her.

Yeezy x Balmain Collection

When your husband’s brand Yeezy and Balmain collaborate to make your entire family custom outfits! Kim is killing the fashion game.

Website Content 2015

Kim went to the desert to shoot photos for her new website back in 2015. Oh, she wore only white paint for the shot but let me tell you they look amazing!

Engagement to Kanye

When Kim and Kanye flew to San Francisco for Kanye to propose in front of all their family and friends and Kim had no idea. Also remember that ring!?

First Latex Look

Kim continues to push the fashion envelope and takes risks like wearing latex looks. They have become part of her style even today.

Waist Trainers

Do you remember when waist trainers were all the talk? Yeah me too. Well even with her 26 inch waist today, she used to always show off her waist trainer.

First Met!

We can’t forget about Kim’s first Met Gala when she was pregnant with North. Love or hate the look she still went to the Met 8 months pregnant!

Going to the Armenian Genocide Memorial

As an Armenian, Kim paid her respects to those who passed away during the Armenian Genocide when she visited.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with Ellen DeGenerous

Remember in 2014 when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was all everyone did? Well Kim took part and did the challenge on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Kim along with Kourtney and Khloe opened up their own clothing boutique. They began in Calabasas in 2006 and expanded to NYC and Miami over the years. The company shut down in 2018 after more than 11 years of business.

Kourtney and Kim take NYC

Kim took to NYC with Kourtney as they worked on expanding DASH! It even turned into their own spinoff show on E!

Kourtney and Kim take Miami

Kim and Kourtney did it again except this time they traveled to Miami! The sisters worked and played hard.

Kim crying when North sang

Like any proud parent, Kim cried as her daughter North sang “what are those” at Kanye’s fashion show.

Dancing With The Stars

Kim did Dancing With The Stars season 7 back in 2008. If there is one thing you know about Kim by now is that she doesn’t dance. She and partner Mark Ballas were the third team eliminated and Kim hated every moment of the show.

Kardashian Christmas Eve Party

The Christmas Eve party has been a Kardashian tradition for as long as Kim and her siblings can remember. While Kris Jenner had hosted the party every year, in 2018 Kim and Kanye got to hold the special party at their home.

Kim Released a Song

In 2011 Kim released a song called “Jam (Turn It Up)” along with a music video. Today it is something she regrets doing.

Taking selfies on the way to drop Khloe off at jail

It’s probably one of the most known moments from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but Kim really did take selfies in the car. They were all going to drop Khloe off at jail and Kim brought her camera to document the trip.

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