4 Best Unsolved Netflix True Crime Docuseries!

Known for their collection of true crime documentaries, Netflix has several groundbreaking unsolved docuseries that will leave fans clamoring for answers!

Fans of the true crime genre may be familiar with the streamer’s documentaries, pertaining to the gruesome murders, mayhem and cold cases that take decades to solve. However, there are over 200,000 unsolved murders, some of which have also received their own documentary series.

So, to help you decide which mysteries to investigate from the couch, we’ve hand-picked four of the best unsolved true crime docuseries to watch on Netflix.

Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries is a three-season series consisting of six episodes in seasons one and two, with nine episodes in season three. The docuseries follows a string of mysterious murders and disappearances that have perplexed family members and law enforcement officials, since their inception. With each episode centered around the inexplicable cases, our understanding of the victims and their last recorded moments are narrated by their loved ones.

Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields

The three-part docuseries Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields takes us to the state of Texas, where a field with the skeletal remains of missing women spanning several decades is discovered. Dating back to the 1970s, the remote area of the I-45 Interstate Highway was home to a serial killer or killers, responsible for the over 30 bodies discovered in a 25-acre patch of land in League City, Texas. The docuseries spends much of its time with Tim Miller, father to Laura Miller, who was abducted and murdered in 1984. In response to his daughter’s murder, Tim founded Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team to help families of lost and missing persons. Tim’s testament to his daughter’s memory and the families of missing persons is an otherwise uplifting conclusion to this horribly tragic series of murders.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at The Cecil Hotel

The one season, four episode series Crime Scene: The Vanishing at The Cecil Hotel explores the bizarre 2013 disappearance and eventual finding of college student and tourist Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. Hotel video surveillance footage of the 21-year-old Canadian woman shows her erratic behavior inside of the hotel’s elevator, released by the Los Angeles Police Department during their investigation into her disappearance. Nothing could prepare them or the hotel staff for what came next, as the woman’s body was found inside a water tank on the hotel’s roof, 19 days after she was reported missing. With little known as to how or why she ended up in the water tank, we’re limited to our imaginations for the events leading up to Elisa’s death.

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

The eight-part docuseries The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann examines the vanishing of three-year-old Madeleine McCann from the seaside resort of Praia de Luz in Portugal, while vacationing with her family. From theories of abduction and human trafficking, to her parents’ involvement in her disappearance, this docuseries explores every avenue of explanation into the young girl’s vanishing from the resort.

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