3 Ways ‘The Bachelorette’ Could Work With Two Women!

The search for love is on for the new bachelorette- or should we say bachelorette’s since it was announced that for the first time EVER there will be two bachelorette’s for the entire season!

As if The Bachelor finale could not get more dramatic, Jesse Palmer dropped a bomb on all of us! It has been announced that fan favorites, Gabby Windy AND Rachel Recchia are going to stand by each other once again, as they start this journey together giving us an entire season with two bachelorettes.

There are still so many unanswered questions, how is this going to work with two women? Luckily we’ve compiled 3 ways ‘The Bachelorette’ could work with two leads!

The Bachelorette Meets Joe Millionaire

This season of Joe Millionaire was a success! The Bachelorette could follow similar to Joe Millionaire, by having Gabby and Rachel live together and be able to talk about their love life to one another while choosing between the same group of men. (Hopefully not falling for the same men) that, of course, can get messy, but it wouldn’t be The Bachelorette without some drama.

2 Separate Groups Of Men

Bachelor Nation is LOVING Gabby and Rachels girl power duo and believe that if they have to pick between the same men it could cause some problems along the way with their friendship. One way that this can not happen is by giving both women separate groups of men. Gabby and Rachel can still live together and advise one another during this journey but have their groups of men to themselves!

Girl Power!

Another way this could work would be allowing Gabby and Rachel to get together and choose from the group of men that they want to pursue a relationship with. This can be done before things get too serious and they both fall in love with the same man. Once again similar to Joe Millionaire, however, instead of having the men pick, Gabby and Rachel pick! We love this friendship and are excited to see them support one another!

We are SO excited to see Gabby and Rachel take on this journey together. No matter how next season plays out we love their friendship and can not wait to see them hopefully fall in love! Will they get the same group of men, or will it be different? Mark your calendars for the premiere on July 11th, 2022 to find out!

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