3 Things We’ve Learned About Paris Hilton’s New Purpose

Paris Hilton is sharing more about her past trauma to help others since the release of her documentary ‘This is Paris’

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Posted On: October 12th, 2020 8:36 pm pst

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Since Paris Hilton’s documentary This is Paris came out on YouTube last month the star has become more vocal about the abuse she went through as a teenager, attending Provo Canyon School in Utah.

In the documentary she shared the lasting effects the school still has on her today, as a 39-year-old. She wants to make sure that no other child has to go through what she did. 

  • #BreakingCodeSilence Social Media Campaign

Throughout This is Paris, we got to see bits of her and other former students of Provo Canyon coming together and discussing what they went through during their time there. This led to them create the #BreakingCodeSilence campaign to raise awareness about what happened to them and other students who attended this school and schools like it. On social media they are sharing their stories to raise awareness, all in hopes of ending this cycle of abuse.


She took to her Instagram to share this post explaining more about why she is speaking up now. 

  • Holding a rally at Provo Canyon School

This past week Hilton went back to Utah for the first time in over 20 years to join hundreds of  other survivors in a rally at the school, to stand up to the people who abused them and caused them pain. 

  • Hilton is being more open than ever

Since the release of This is Paris, Hilton hasn’t shied away from her past. Instead she is sharing all the details, like the trauma that she has faced since she was first taken in the middle of the night by two men who asked her, “do you want this to happen the easy way or the hard way?” She vividly described the night she was taken along with the punishments she endured at Provo Canyon School. This has led to insomnia and recurring nightmares for Hilton, no matter what she does.

With over 13 million followers on Instagram, 3.6 million followers on Tik Tok, and almost 17 million on Twitter, we hope to see Hilton take this cause that is near and dear to her heart and bring even more attention to it.

In Paris’ documentary we got to hear a little bit about what her fellow classmates and her went through at the time. She continues to share her experience and hopefully she will even spotlight others who have also had similar experiences to her.

We wish Paris the best as she continues to raise awareness about what happens at boarding schools like Provo Canyon.

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