2021’s Best Comedy Podcasts!

If you’re looking to end your year laughing then we have just the thing for you! Here are 5 of the top comedy podcasts of this year! 

Although we’ve found ourselves in a busy world full of viruses and political debates, it’s important to find time to laugh. Read on to discover the top 5 easily accessible podcasts that are guaranteed to crack you up!

1) Las Culturistas

Comedians and actors Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers act as your cultural liaisons in this hilarious podcast. Both Yang and Rogers are members of the LGBTQ community and have one-of-a-kind banter with each other and their entertainment industry guests. If you find yourself debating the nuances of the Housewives franchise or Taylor Swift (most commonly referred to as “Tayla” by the Stans), this pod is for you. Since its 2016 start, Las Culturistas has gotten into a grove of delivering consistent content to listeners, or readers, as the “culturistas” call us. This podcast has delivered unique specials, counting down the best cultural moments in history. On their 200th episode, for example, Bowen and Rogers counted down the “Top 200 Moments in Culture History.” At the end of each episode, they engage in a segment called “I don’t think so honey.” During this segment, Bowen, Rogers, and their guest each have 60 seconds to rant about a niche element of culture they find frustrating. For entertaining guests, culture commentary, and endless laughs, catch Las Culturistas wherever you get your podcasts!


2) Obsessed

Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone are best friends perhaps best known from TikTok as Benito has amassed 1.1M followers for his various impressions. He even incorporates bits of his TikTok content on the podcast; Benito constantly goes viral for his Kardashian impressions, and the second episode of Obsessed is completely dedicated to them. On the podcast, Skinner and Barone dissect the parts of pop culture they are most obsessed with. Just like Las Culturistas, the Obsessed comedians find themselves passionate about the drama-filled pop-culture scene. You can find new episodes of the witty and welcoming Skinner-Barone dynamic every Monday on Spotify!


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3) The Bald and the Beautiful

Famous Drag Queens and internet stars Katya Zamolodchikova and Trixie Mattel began growing a fanbase after competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race and then staring it a popular internet series, UNHhhh. Fans were drawn to the series by queens’ original and comical takes on various topics. Seeing as the two built up a reputably hilarious repertoire, a podcast was the next step. On The Bald and the Beautiful, Trixie and Katya chat about their lives in the entertainment industry, and trade stories with entertainment related guests. Although the original format of the podcast involved relating each episode to beauty in some way, it quickly formed into talking about whatever the queens want because they are just naturally really funny together. The two currently do not have plans to continue recording new episodes of The Bald and the Beautiful after the new year, however there’s already at least a year’s worth of material wherever you get your podcasts.


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Comedians Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak poke fun at “trendy wellness culture” POOG, of course, is GOOP backwards- the often controversial wellness brand of actor Gwyneth Paltrow. Although on the surface there are many elements of a parody podcast, Berland and Novak remain “equal parts irreverent and earnest” on the topics they discuss as, “The premise of “Poog” is not to debunk or even fact-check wellness trends, but to playfully explore them with a curious audience,” (The New York Times). If you’re looking to question the trendy and often annoying popular wellness topics, check POOG out wherever you get your podcasts.


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5) Why Won’t You Date Me?

The amusing comedian Nicole Byer started the podcast Why Won’t You Date Me? in 2017. In the podcast, Byer discusses the complexities of dating. According to her, she’s “smart, funny, has a fat ass, and loves giving blowjobs,” so why is she still single? Byer has a unique ability to speak unfiltered, sharing her dating horror stories. Nicole also trades anecdotes with comedians, exes, and celebrity guests- even Conan O’Brien joined her to discuss “Big Dick Energy.” To join Nicole Byer and feel a little less alone in the complexly awkward modern-day dating world, listen to Why Won’t You Date Me where you choose to find your podcasts!


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I hope to see you on the next bus, laughing until your eyes water, while passersby silently stare. Enjoy!

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