17 Year Old Starts Celebrity Loved Clothing Line During Pandemic

Canadian founder, Tyrell Harris, joins The Black Creators Club Podcast to talk Oofii, a clothing line and streetwear brand he started during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a recent episode of The Black Creators Club, hosts Akilah Ffriend and Eboné Chatman interviewed Tyrell Harris, a teen clothing line designer who runs his own business called Oofii.

Please check out the episode below!

Oofii stands for Rich and Wealthy translated from 19th century English, explained Tyrell Harris, founder and owner of Oofii brand- a streetwear clothing line worn by celebrities including rapper Rick Ross and on-air personality Safaree, to name a few. Oofii started in February of 2019, Tyrell explains “I’ve always been thinking about starting my own thing because my parents always told me ‘work for yourself versus work for someone else’, so that has always been stuck with me and so I decided to [start a business].”

Throughout the episode, Tyrell shared how his family plays an integral part in the business- from deciding on designs together, packaging the merchandise, and promoting it on social media.

This episode of the Black Creators Club gives us the rundown on the importance of getting started no matter your age or life’s circumstances and to always abide by your ABCs- Always Be Creating!

The Black Creators Club even teamed up with Oofii for a giveaway to lucky winners! Together, both The Black Creators Club and Oofii were able to bring awareness to the clothing brand, the story behind the brand, and the amazing designs to their audiences.

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