15 Celebrities React To This Unprecedented Election

The 2020 presidential election took place yesterday November 3rd, and mail-in ballots are still being processed and counted in several states. The race for the oval office between incumbent President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden continues in crucial battleground states including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Michigan. Throughout the year and into the week, celebrities from all the major entertainment industries have encouraged the public to vote and participate in this unprecedented election.

Many celebs are sharing their thoughts about the election, candidates, and media coverage on their social media pages. While their opinions and support vary, most of these stars agree on one thing—this waiting game is stressful AF!

A lot of A-listers and Hollywood stars typically identify as part of the Democrat party. We’ll start the list with a number of left-leaning celebrities, but also incorporate the voices of some stars who are Republican and/or support President Trump.

American actress and producer Kerry Washington resembles her on-screen persona Olivia Pope pretty well. Just like her character on the hit drama Scandal, Washington doesn’t hold back on expressing her political views. She’s spoken publicly against Donald Trump on several occasions, including the virtual Democratic National Convention this year. Earlier today she focused on the significance of counting every vote, telling her Twitter followers to check the status of their ballot.

Dylan O’Brien is one actor even more outspoken about his political views than Kerry Washington. He’s known for starring in MTV’s teen-horror drama Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner series, but in recent years, he’s also developed a reputation for detesting President Trump. Since ballots began rolling in yesterday, O’Brien has Tweeted and retweeted several posts. He is especially concerned over the data pointing to the USPS’s failure to deliver absentee ballots on election day.

Alyssa Milano is another familiar name recognized as a major celebrity activist. The actress is best known for her role in the original Charmed series and more recently, Netflix’s dark comedy Insatiable. She brought attention to the #MeToo movement, and helped propel it forward in 2017. Milano has been transparent about her support for Vice President Biden and Senator Kamala Harris, using her Instagram and Twitter to express her views.

Television personality and author Meghan McCain is the daughter of Navy officer and Arizona Senator John McCain who passed in 2018. Senator McCain ran against President Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election as the Republican nominee. Meghan McCain, like her father, is a Republican who has a contentious relationship with President Trump over comments he’s made in the past. Regardless of who she voted for, McCain is anxiously waiting for the results like the rest of us.

Joy Villa is a conservative Christian singer and songwriter from Orange, California. Villa’s political affiliations and support of Donald Trump have inspired a number of her looks for the Grammy Awards. Her most controversial fashion statements were seen on the Grammys red carpet, where she wore a “Make America Great Again” dress and another reading “Build The Wall,” which she accessorized with a barbed-wire necklace. After announcing on Instagram that “the Democrats are trying to steal this election” from Donald Trump, her post was censored. Villa expressed her frustration on Twitter.

Here are 10 other celebrities, Republican and Democrat, who had more to say on day two of the 2020 presidential election.

Singer and actress Demi Lovato was hoping Joe Biden and his team would win the popular vote by a landslide. Lovato went on to share other resources, and again expressed her disappointment at how close the race is.

Actress and vocal artist Gabriel Union-Wade named Sarah McBride her #WomanCrushWednesday! McBride is the first openly transgender person elected as a state senator. Union applauded the Delaware democrat’s success, highlighting the achievement on Twitter.

Momager Kris Jenner kept her political activism simple. For the last several days, she’s focused on encouraging high voter turnout, distributing resources, and motivating her followers. #CountEveryVote.

In the last two days, television host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel has stayed extremely active on Twitter. His recent tweets and retweets mostly taunt the president or implore for all the ballots to be counted.

Award-winning singer and songwriter Lady Gaga showed her support for the Democratic presidential nominee when she joined the Biden campaign team in Pennsylvania. The pop star performed in Pittsburgh on the eve of election day. Earlier today, however, she sent “everyone a big hug” and reassured that “we’ve got this America,” hinting that she’s hopeful for a Biden-Harris win.

Matthew Davis first appeared on the big screen in the iconic film Legally Blonde and later in the CW fantasy series, The Vampire Diaries. Davis usually retweets other sources and opinions that reflect his own thoughts as a member of the Republican party and a President Trump supporter. Yet the actor tweeted a comment today related to the weekday morning show Fox & Friends.


Wisconsin native and actor Mark Ruffalo thanked his fellow Wisconsinites for flipping blue. As of now, Mr. Biden is the winner in Wisconsin, a swing state President Trump narrowly won in 2016.

Professional wrestler Chris Jericho questioned why Americans have to wait more than a day to know who won the presidential race. Fair question, but this isn’t the first time we’ve waited, remember Al Gore and George W. Bush in 2000? A number of people replied similarly in the comment section, which Jericho appreciated.

Kristie Alley is an actress, model, and television personality who received her breakout role in the sitcom Cheers. Alley is an avid Trump supporter who is sure he will win re-election.

Dance Moms cast member and social-media influencer , Chloe Lukasiak, didn’t make a comment on the nominees, but instead tweeted exactly what we were all thinking.

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