10 Underrated SNL Skits To Prepare You For Season 47

Saturday Night Live is coming back for Season 47 on October 2nd! Here are 10 of the funniest and most underrated SNL skits from recent seasons to get you ready!

When it comes to late-night television, no one does it quite like Saturday Night Live! The legendary comedy show is entering its 47th season this fall with a stacked cast and we couldn’t be more excited. It has been rumored that fan-favorite cast members Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kenan Thompson may not be returning for season 47 after the group appeared in an emotional cold open during last season’s finale. All four have been heavily involved in other exciting projects, so this goodbye will be very bittersweet.

In honor of the new season, here is a list of 10 of the most underrated but hilarious SNL skits from recent seasons:

Floribama Shore

This parody of the real reality show Floribama Shore features celebrity guest Saorise Ronan as one of several young adults who stick out Hurricane Irma in a beach house. Full of hilarious quotes, this is one of SNL’s best.

The Real Intros of Reality Hills

Guest star John Mulaney is double featured in “The Real Intros of Reality Hills”, portraying a set of dramatic twins in another reality tv parody. This skit imagines what shows like The Real Housewives would be with only the best lines and one scene of drama. This is another sketch that has some great one-liners.

What’s That Name

This skit featuring both John Mulaney and SNL legend Bill Hader is arguably one of the best sketches of all time. Hader appears as a chaotic game show host “Vince Blake” who interrogates Cecily Strong and John Mulaney on the names of friends and coworkers. If there’s one thing SNL does better than the rest of the world, it’s game show skits. 10/10 a must-watch!

Bachelor Auction

Pete Davidson as “Chad” is one of the best characters to ever grace this show, and no one could play this role like Pete. “Bachelor Auction” features a date with “Chad” being auctioned off for charity to a group of rich socialite women, who surprisingly take a liking to him and his mediocre talents. The “Grinch” impression is definitely worth the money ladies, we agree!

Totinos with Kristen Stewart

Up next on our list is one you may be familiar with, but nonetheless, it still deserves more recognition. Kristen Stewart plays a powerful performance as “Sabine”, in “Totinos with Kristen Stewart” where she helps one housewife make Totino’s pizza rolls for a group of hungry guys watching the big game. This is one of three Totino’s sketches, so if you can’t get enough of Vanessa Bayer, you’re in luck!

Sticky Bun

Melissa Villaseñor is one of those cast members who will be remembered as the funniest one in every sketch. Her performance in “Sticky Bun” is one of our favorites. “Sticky Bun” centers on the training of new employees at a Cinnabon knock-off in an airport food court. The new employees, however, are not exactly quick learners. Celebrity guest Octavia Spencer gets a good laugh out of the audience, proving that this is absolutely one of the most underrated sketches from recent SNL seasons.

Santa Baby

“Santa Baby” is a sketch that will never grow old, whether it’s the holiday season or not. Vanessa Bayer and Ryan Gosling are featured as a couple at a Christmas party who are genuinely excited to meet the real Santa. As things escalate, the remaining guests find themselves more and more appalled at the two and their actions. After watching this you’ll be wishing Ryan Gosling could host SNL every week.

Almost Pizza

Bill Hader never misses, no matter what role he’s playing, he DELIVERS! Kristen Wiig offers up a deliciously suspicious “pizza” to her husband that isn’t quite edible. It almost is though! A short skit, but still a classic, with lines you might find yourself quoting to your friends.

America’s Got Talent: Wait, They’re Good?

Featuring the man himself, Jonah Hill, “America’s Got Talent: Wait, They’re Good?” parodies the real America’s Got Talent contestants, who tend to always shock the audience with their skills. Hill plays “Dubba”, a countryman who has never heard the word music before, yet he continues to put on a good show for Simon, Heidi, Howie, and Mel B. Everything about this sketch was done right, truly an underrated gem from the show.

Fire Island

Finally, based on the real reality show Fire Island, this skit focuses on a new island reality show for middle-aged lesbians. The contrast between “Fire Island” and “Cherry Grove” is the highlight of the sketch, with a surprise Scarlett Johanssen appearance towards the end. And yes, Fire Island is a real place and a real show, and this sketch only made us want to watch the real thing.

There is nothing that really brightens a mood other than a good SNL skit, and while these are only a few of the best, we can’t wait to see what the cast brings this fall in season 47!

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