10 Reasons Emmanual Acho is The Perfect Choice to Host The Bachelor

After a critical season of The Bachelor, it has been announced that former Eagles linebacker and host of Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, Emmanuel Acho, will take over for Chris Harrison in this season’s upcoming After the Final Rose special.

Bachelor Nation is in for a treat as we prepare for Matt James’ pivotal reunion episode with a fresh face and perspective in the host seat. Below are 10 reasons why Emmanual Acho is the perfect choice to make this historic shake-up.

He’s a Philadelphia Eagles alum.

If you’re a Pennsylvanian or Eagles fan, you may better recognize Acho in a midnight green number 51 jersey. In other words, he’s used to tackling things! From 2013-2014, he provided a total of 33 tackles to be exact. Growing up in an Eagles fandom household myself, I’ve been following Acho’s career since his four-year, 20-game NFL exit.

He’s had a very successful media career so far.

After leaving the Eagles, Acho found his place as on-air talent, going on to work as a college football analyst at ESPN. Acho is currently working with Fox News as an NFL analyst and host of Speak for Yourself.

He’s dedicated to helping others.

After completing over 20 mission trips to rural Nigeria, in 2017, his non-profit, Living Hope Christian Ministries, raised enough money to open a hospital in rural Nigeria. The son of Nigerian immigrants, this has been a life-long project for Acho and his family.

He’s here for the right reasons.

According to US Weekly, Acho has turned down The Bachelorette twice. “I don’t think I could do it,” he said on the Talking it Out podcast. “I’m like, let me just have my conversations. I don’t need no dream suites…” With no personal ties to the franchise, Acho is ready to address topics without bias.

He’s willing to have uncomfortable conversations.

Acho’s hit Youtube series turned New York Times bestseller, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, creates candid, honest, and meaningful dialogue, addressing racial ignorance. Where others might stray away from taboo topics, Acho is the perfect person to thoughtfully address them. Acho will be sitting down to have one of these conversations with Matt and the final three women during ATFR to discuss recent events surrounding the franchise.

He has already interviewed Oprah and McConaughey.

And Oprah came up with a question that “challenged” him… No doubt Acho is prepared for the likes of Bachelor Nation.

He comes highly recommended by Rachel Lyndsay.

Rachel and her husband stated earlier last month that Acho would be the “perfect person” to fill the position. “[He’s] very outspoken about racial injustice, for social justice, and has pretty much been the person who said, ‘I can have these uncomfortable conversations and people trust it.’ Who better to lead it?” she told People.

He has support from Bachelor alums.

Matt James was one of the first to congratulate Acho, commenting “Looking forward to it.” Rachel Lyndsay’s husband, Bryan Abasolo commented “Happy for your bro! I have no doubt you will do a fantastic job!” Other alums that shared their support include Mike Johnson, Becca Kufrin, Nick Viall, Ivan Hall, and more.

He’s prepared to address social issues and act as a bridge.

“The problem in America is there’s a communication barrier between my Black brothers and sisters and my white brothers and sisters,” Acho wrote in People. “And since I fully understood how to communicate with both, I said, ‘Let me stand in the gap and be a bridge.”

“Empathy is needed and change is coming.”

Part of what makes a good host is having empathy for the range of experiences that people share, and understanding where we differ. “While I am Black in the skin, I grew up Nigerian-cultured and white-cultured.” Acho wrote in People. Though his experiences may be vastly different from some contestants, Acho’s approach to engaging in uncomfortable conversations allows for deeper understanding. During this pivotal moment, that is exactly the type of voice we need to lead such a galvanizing show in pop culture. “Empathy is needed and change is coming,” shared Acho in his social media announcement. And that is exactly what we look forward to seeing.

The After the Final Rose special will air March 15th at 10 p.m. ET on ABC following The Bachelor season finale. Will Acho continue his Bachelor Nation hosting duties beyond ATFR? That is yet to be seen, but if fans are willing to welcome him with open arms and minds, I have a feeling they are going to love him.

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