10 Moments From ‘Friends’ That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud!

In its ten seasons, Friends has given us so many memorable scenes but what we love the most about this show are its funny moments. Here are the 10 biggest “LOL” moments from the beloved series.

Joey Wearing All Of Chandler’s Clothes

When Chandler hid all of Joey’s underwear, Joey’s solution to get him back was to wear all of Chandler’s clothes. And when we say all of Chandler’s clothes, we really mean all of them. There’s not much that’s funnier than seeing Joey wearing 10 layers of clothes.

The Girls Lose Their Apartment To The Guys

When the girls go head-to-head with the guys in a trivia game, they decide to make the game a little more exciting by betting on their apartment. Unfortunately for them, Monica and Rachel lose, which means that they also lose their apartment. But at least we get a laugh out of it.

Phoebe Finds Out About Monica and Chandler

When Monica and Chandler first get together, they decide to keep it a secret. But it’s not surprising when their friends begin to find out about the secret relationship. And no one’s reaction is funnier than Phoebe’s. We’d probably react in the same way if we were caught off guard.

Ross, Rachel, and Chandler Try To Get a Couch Upstairs

This has got to be one of the funniest scenes from the entire series. Ross enlists Rachel and Chandler to help him get his new couch upstairs to his apartment. What ensues is Ross yelling pivot every five seconds until Chandler yells at him to shut up. It has us laughing every time.

Monica and Ross Perform Their Dance Routine

You’re lying if you say you haven’t memorized this dance. Monica and Ross’ dance routine that they choreographed when they were young might have just barely gotten them up on the New Year’s stage, but it definitely had us laughing hard.

Monica Wears a Turkey On Her Head

If we were to cheer someone up, putting a turkey on our head wouldn’t be our go-to. But apparently, it’s Monica’s! When Chandler is feeling down about Thanksgiving, she places an uncooked turkey on her head, which somehow leads Chandler to confess his love for her. We guess romance isn’t dead!

Joey Doesn’t Share Food

There’s one rule that everyone has to follow: Joey doesn’t share food! Whenever someone tries to take a bite of something that he’s eating, he’s quick to remind them of this rule. Joey does not joke about his food, but it does make us laugh.

Rachel and Chandler Eat Off The Floor

It’s always a shame when food is accidentally dropped on the floor. But Rachel and Chandler aren’t afraid of a few germs, especially when it comes to that cheesecake they were fighting over. We can’t help but admit that it was pretty funny watching those two eat off the floor.

Chandler’s Bathtime

A bath is a glorious activity, as Chandler finds out after learning how to properly prepare a bath from Monica. What ensues is Chandler getting in touch with his feminine side, and we love that for him. But the best part is when the entire friend group ends up in the bathroom while he’s still in the bath.

Phoebe Goes For a Run

If you haven’t yet seen Phoebe run, you are missing out! Rachel invites Phoebe to go on a run with her, only to regret that when she realizes that the way Phoebe runs is a little out of the ordinary. But you have to admit, you’ll never forget a run like that!

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