10 Celebrities Like Ed Sheeran & Doja Cat You Must Follow on TikTok!

Some of your favorite celebrities are extremely active on TikTok and posting really awesome content. Here’s a list of some celebs you’re going to want to follow to spice up your ‘for you’ page!

With TikTok dominating the social media world, celebrities have been quick to jump on the bandwagon showing off who they are off screen! As viewers, you get to see their personality shine through with their content and get to know them a little better. Here are 12 celebs who you must follow on TikTok!


If you love dogs, life hacks and a good laugh, you should definitely follow Maria! Her videos are super entertaining to watch as you get a little insight into her day-to-day life. She shares beauty and life hacks she discovers along with constantly providing inspiration to better yourself! Maria loves her dogs and is always posting fun clips of them. You definitely don’t want to miss out on her fun content; it will surely make you smile!

@mariamenounos In honor of @Justin Bieber ♬ original sound – Maria Menounos


Lizzo’s songs are constantly blowing up on TikTok and the best part about it is how engaged she is with the trends! Her new song “About Damn Time” has been all over the app and Lizzo has been dominating the dance and interacting with fans who do it. Aside from her dancing, she loves sharing what she eats and even tries out new food trends so you don’t have to. She loves to joke around in her videos and her sense of humor alone will make anyone laugh!

@lizzoI would’ve given my left coochie lip to be at the spring awakening reunion show 😭♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo


Our beloved Alex Russo has made her way to TikTok and you won’t regret hitting the follow button for her! Her videos are super funny as she jokes about things going on in her life that anyone can relate to. She usually has a funny trending sound to lip-sync to and even gets her friends like Camila Cabello to join in with her. Occasionally, she’ll even post a video that has something to do with her past acting roles and fans go crazy for it!

@selenagomez @Camila Cabello ♬ And then there were two – Daniel Galiley


Whether you love his music or not, Ed Sheeran’s TikTok is pure comedy that anyone will be entertained by. He loves to joke around and clearly doesn’t take it too seriously which is definitely the best part about it! He is always duetting and stitching videos made of him, even when people make fun of him, he’ll join in on the joke making it that much better. Ed is fully himself on the app and his amazing personality really shines through so definitely hit that follow button!

@edsheeran #duet with @niccoya This made me laugh #EqualsAlbum ♬ original sound – Niccoya


The ‘Bend and Snap’ queen has a TikTok that you definitely won’t be disappointed with! Her funny, relatable content gives fans insight on her life and what she does aside from her acting career. You’ll soon discover her sense of humor follows her from on-screen to social media and her videos will have you constantly laughing!

@reesewitherspoonYes … I have heard that joke. 🥄♬ Here Comes the Hotstepper – Ini Kamoze


From stand-up comedy to movies and now to TikTok, Kevin Hart will always guarantee a laugh out of anyone! Although each video begins with him announcing he’s making a TikTok, his content is pure comedy due to the fact that it couldn’t be more clear he really doesn’t know what he’s doing on the app. His personality definitely comes out in all his content and you even get to see a little behind the scenes of his life.

@imkevinhart #NailedIt ♬ original sound – Kevin Hart


During quarantine Jason Derulo began to blow up on TikTok as he became really active, even befriending TikTok influencers such as Bryce Hall and Addison Rae. While he loves to use his platform to promote new music, he has a funny side to him as well that really shows through in the videos he posts. He also posts family content as he recently became a father and it’s so much fun to see the fun videos he shares with his son!

@jasonderulo Daddy will always make it home to you #JasonKing ♬ Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) – Edison Lighthouse


Something you didn’t know about Doja Cat is she’s actually a part-time comedian, just kidding! But, if you didn’t already follow her TikTok you totally should because she’s hilarious. She’s either doing popular trends or just saying weird things that come to her mind with no shame and for that we love her! You’ll also see her responding to comments often which is amazing to see her interact with fans as much as possible.

@dojacat♬ original sound – Doja Cat


Drew Barrymore has been providing us entertainment since she was just five years old and now she continues on TikTok. She loves posting content related to roles she played in movies that get fans super excited. Her goofy side comes out in her TikToks, especially with how she doesn’t take things seriously and just promotes having fun. She also likes to share beauty and life hacks that she herself lives by and you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

@drewbarrymore #duet with @ryanmccoy04 ♬ original sound – Drew Barrymore


Maria Kelley, more commonly known by the stage name Rico Nasty is another celebrity whose TikTok game is unmatched. Her quirkiness and funny faces combined with her amazing delivery makes for some high quality videos. She just has fun on the app whether it be dancing, beauty tips or ranting; you’re guaranteed to be entertained.

@riconastyAll the juice boxes are wild 😂😂😂♬ original sound – Riconasty

More and more celebrities are joining TikTok now and are becoming super active on it for their fans. Next time you find yourself scrolling, keep a lookout for these celebs who are dominating the app!

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