#1 Mom Season 1 Episode 9 ‘Spinning Out’ Review & Recap

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Life as a young athlete is hard, but it’s especially hard for Kat Baker who is consistently… On thin ice. If you’re chilled to the bone thinking about the new Netflix Series, join us on the AFTERBUZZ TV SPINNING OUT AFTERSHOW PODCAST, where we’re going to be analyzing every icy moment of tension in this new drama. We’ll be bringing all the news and gossip surrounding the shows, analyzing the incredible story of an Olympic dreamer, and make sure to stick around for our special segments tailored just to the show!

Episode Recap

Ep. 9 #1 Mom -Serena tells Kat s huge secret that Carol has been keeping from her. Justins deals with a broken relationship with his father as he gets kicked out of the hotel and a broken heart. Serena gets involved in a physical relationship with an older man Jenn get gets surgery on her hip and gets asked out by her doctor. Kat deals with this emotional secret as she is trying to balance her break up with Justin and readjusting to her medicine. Marcus feels hopeless as he is unsure what he is going to do as a career as he got kicked off of the ski team.

  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: McKenzie Fayne @mckenziefayne, Lauren Mayo @laurenoutloud, Emily Mae Heller @emilymaeheller, and Eboné Chatman @ebonechatman12

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