Up Is Down – S1 E6 ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ Recap & After Show with Amalia Holm

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Witches have never been hotter, and now, we’re covering TV’s best new witch Show, Motherland: Fort Salem. Each week, our incredible team of AfterBuzz TV hosts is here to recap all of the magic, with expert commentary, cultural insights, and even wild fan theories and predictions. From Harry Potter to Eastwick to AHS: Coven, TV Witchdom is a hellishly wonderful space, and we’re here to make sure YOU don’t miss a thing.

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Everyone debriefs last episode’s Spree attack, with General Bellweather investigating the spell used to dampen their abilities. Autopsies of Spree victims reveal they are now attacking witches, particularly young Bellweathers. With this revelation, General Bellweather assigns a bodyguard, Bridey (Naiah Cummins), to Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams) despite her daughter’s insistence to prove her compentency. While sparring Bridey, Abagail finally breaks over letting her guard down at the wedding, and Bridey later shares her own story of grief from losing one her sisters on a mission.
All the while, Raelle (Taylor Hickson) is frustrated with a lack of response in finding Scylla, so she follows necromancers into their morgue where Scylla’s teacher, Izadora (Emilie Leclerc), discovers Raelle and informs her that Scylla died during the attack. Raelle is riddled with grief herself, but when Scylla’s sigil appears in her hand, she steals her unit’s salva rations in an effort to fly to the lighthouse on the beach where she is certain Scylla is waiting.
Tally discovers Raelle’s plot and with Abgail and they convince Bridey to escort them off base to rescue her.
We find that Scylla is, in fact, alive, being detained and questioned by Izadora, Anacostia, and soon, Alder.
Todays show was hosted by Toree Weaver, Gunner Texiera, Kevin Allen, and Bryant Santos
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