The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas Responds to Cheating Rumors

Johnny Bananas is no stranger to controversy when it comes to The Challenge, but now it seems like he’s in some drama with the cast of Siesta Key.

Juliette Porter

Juliette Porter took to social media to accuse Bananas of hooking up with fellow Siesta Key castmate Cara Geswelli while she was dating Garret Miller.

Cara Geswelli

Bananas isn’t one to let rumors get him down; he tweeted “is there a drought in South Florida because these #Siestakey kids are thiiiiiiiirstaaay.”

It seems like The Challenge star is over the controversy because he later posted a picture with OG champs Evan and Kenny, where he tweeted “heroes come and go but legends never die.”

We don’t know about all these rumors surrounding Bananas, but seeing these three together again definitely brought back some great Challenge memories.

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