Temptations Island’s Javen and Shari Detail “Challenging” Life Post Show

Who would have thought the year after winning a reality show would be harder than the actual time spent competing on the show? But that’s exactly what Javen and Shari say is what life’s like following Temptation Island.

The USA Network reboot puts relationships to the ultimate test by offering temptations in a house full of hot singles, away from your significant others, for an entire month. Although four couples decided to test the strength of their relationship on Temptation Island, only one couple came out strong: Javen Butler and Shari Ligons.

The love between the couple was so strong the season ended with Shari accepting a surprise proposal from Javen!

In a special interview on AfterBuzz TV’s Temptation Island after show, Shari and Javen detail what life has been like since the season ended.

“The year after is more challenging than the actual experience. People have these inputs that they think they can put in your relationship because you exposed it so much,” Shari explains. “But all in all, Javen and I have received nothing but love, so I can’t complain about it.”

During the season, Shari and Javen’s relationship was largely criticized by viewers. Many didn’t believe the authenticity of their relationship due to the fact that they have been exclusively involved with each other since the age of 16.

Despite what critics say, Shari proudly defends her 10 year relationship.

“It’s natural though. Javen and I are so in sync that I feel it works so effortlessly. We don’t have to try to be together, if that makes sense. We just know each other so well that we are like best friends. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s very true.”

Javen then added, “People seek us out for relationship advice in our DMs.”

While many of the couples on Temptation Island had rules and stipulations about how far their partner could experiment, Shari and Javen didn’t allow each other the freedom to get tempted in their time on the island. Javen firmly expresses “it was no nothing!” Shari cosigns, “Yeah, pretty much!”

It is no doubt that this current season of Temptation Island topped last season with way more steamy and sexy scenes. When asked about the current cast members, Shari shares that Javen would not have been happy if she repeated some of the actions that were done.

“If I would’ve done the same things as Ashley H, he would’ve dumped me! No questions asked! 1000% he would’ve never proposed to me at the Final Bonfire,” Shari exclaims.

Another current cast member, who was largely criticized was David Benevidaz. He received a lot of backlash and criticism for having steamy hot tub scenes and engaging in an alleged threesome while still having a girlfriend.

Shari adamantly adds, “Honestly, I told Javen if you were David in this experience I would hate you and I would be done with you, in general! I feel like I respect myself too much than to be questioning what happened at the Final Bonfire because I clearly see what happened. You can not fake physicality!”

Well, it’s very clear that Javen and Shari are serious and respect each other when it comes to their relationship. The couple shared that Temptation Island benefited their relationship and they have no regrets.

“Honestly, it was life changing for us,” said Shari. “We’ve been together since we were 16. It put things into perspective and opened us to a new world. Javen and I believe living in the present moment. We don’t naturally regret things so it made our relationship 100x’s stronger.”

As far as advice for the current season’s couples, Shari says, “First and foremost, follow your heart and do whatever makes sense to you. You only get one life and, honestly, screw the haters! Their opinions on what you do with your relationship or your life doesn’t matter.”

Temptation Island’s Final Bonfire and Reunion will air on USA network this Thursday Dec 19, 9/8c. Then, come talk about it with us on our after show with airs on YouTube right after!

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