Survivor S40 E12 Recap & After Show: Friendly Fire: Kim’s attempt to rally troops against Tony backfires when Ben reveals the plan

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The veteran reality series hosted by Jeff Probst brings its 18 castaways to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, for its 30th installment. This season sees the group divided into three tribes — the white collars, which includes a corporate executive and a retail buyer, the blue collars, which includes a postal worker and a contractor, and the no collars, consisting of free-spirited individuals who are known to break the rules. The three tribes approach the game and how the interact with each other differently, while all sharing the same goal, to earn the title of Sole Survivor.

Episode Recap

After tribal, Sarah is irate with Tony for taking out her other close ally, Sophie. Tony is apologetic, and it appears Sarah is still willing to work with him.
At the Edge of Extinction, the group has an extreme endurance challenge: the first six players to collect 20 coconuts from the other side of the island will earn two fire tokens (leaving five players with nothing). The challenge is brutal, and Boston Rob sustains a bloody injury to his elbow in a fall, but completes the task even after he has already lost the challenge in a show of pride and respect for the game.
Back at camp, players are looking for a hidden immunity idol, knowing that Sophie was voted out with an idol in her pocket at last tribal. Ben finds the idol with Tony present.
At the immunity challenge, players must hold up their hand tethered to a bucket of water above them, while standing on a small beam. Several players, including Kim, willingly step out of the challenge for peanut butter and cookies. Tony and Denise win, and each earn two fire tokens.

Back at camp, Kim attempts to rally the other players to take aim at Tony. Because he won immunity, the group agrees to target Jeremy. Ben reveals the plan to Tony, who convinces Ben, Jeremy, Nick, and Sarah to target Kim. A tense tribal ensues, with last minute whispering. No idols or advantages are played. Kim is sent to the edge.

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Timothy Michael and Mike Thieling

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