Skeletons In The Closet Season 2 Episode 40 ‘Love After Lockup’ Review & Recap

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Love After Lockup is our favorite guilty pleasure TV show and we’re so happy to be covering it! Join us every week to break down this show that is EVERYTHING! From the drama to the love to the realtionships, we’ll be covering the spinoff series LIFE AFTER LOCKUP too! Be sure to subscribe, comment, let us know your thoughts, and check out all of our other AfterBuzz shows! The LOVE AFTER LOCKUP AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW starts now!

Episode Recap

     Life After Lockup kicks off strong with the season premiere continuation of season 2. Skeletons In The Closet is the perfect title for this highly anticipated episode.
     Andrea revealed a shocking a secret about her relationship with Lamar.
Britney and Marcelino have a lot to celebrate as they’re getting ready to welcome baby number 2, Brit’s fifth. Shane wants Lacey to have his babies, but Lacey’s having doubts since he’s yet to find a job.
Also, they dive into the crazy world of Angela and Tony after she catches him cheating for the billionth time.
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