Rick & Morty S4 E6 Recap & After Show: Continuity Errors On The Story Train

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Two guys talking about Rick and Morty. The references, the deep cuts, the meeseeks, and the Mr P.B. Hole. Starting with season 4, we’re gonna talk about a lot of stuff. Is this a Sliders review show? It could be. But it’s not. But why wouldn’t it be. (It’s not though.) But we’ll talk multiverse theory and try to figure out what the lesson of the day is (There usually isn’t one). Join the AFTERBUZZ TV RICK AND MORTY AFTER SHOW PODCAST to chat and enjoy commentary each week! Let us know what you think!

Episode Recap

The Story-Train is in full swing but actually isn’t; (or is it?) Who knows.
Rick and Morty are aboard a train full of vignettes of Rick stories; however when those stories take a life of their own, who knows whether they are canon or not? What is real and what’s not? If you cut me in half, do I not bleed for months in spirals to provide entertainment to children?
Story Lord’s plan to trap rick in their own continuity to create the perfect episode of marketability to build a captive audience ready to buy a toy that is our universe. Right? Right. Capitalism.
Unless Jesus tries to escape and ends up like the Ticket-taking dude with a six-pack. Or as Rick calls it: ***-gutters.
The After Show was hosted by Nate Miller, Rob Styles, and Cody Epperson!

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