Real Housewives Of New York S12 E13 Recap & After Show: Back in the BARKshires

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To a certain group of people in New York, status is everything…and with status comes plenty of drama to unpack on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY AFTER SHOW. We’ll recap all the buzz-worthy moments from the show, from the fabulous to the fights from our favorite Big Apple ladies. Tune in here for ALL the tea as we review, recap and provide in-depth discussions of the latest episodes! Who knows! You might just see some familiar cast member faces.

Episode Recap

Dorinda Medley’s Blue Stone Manor has finished renovations and the women are heading to the Berkshires for another weekend getaway. At this point, we should maybe rename the show RHOANY – Real Housewives of Anywhere but New York.

Anyway, Leah shows up first with Sonja and gets a tour of the ancient home, and *all* of its new rugs. The three discuss how it’s going to be an interesting weekend with Ramona considering most of the girls (Sonja, Elyse, and Dorinda) are not happy with her after last week’s Halloween party.

Ramona shows up next with Luann and offers Dorinda a bouquet of flowers as a peace offering. Dorinda accepts, but can’t wait for Elyse to get there to commence the war.

Elyse is the last guest to show up and is immediately greeted by Dorinda asking her, “Are you going to talk to Ramona?”  The women congregate in the kitchen and Elyse starts having a conversation about what happened and Ramona says she’d rather do it privately. Sonja, and the other women, keep barging in and eavesdropping on their conversation — which truly felt like any middle school sleepover ever. And it was brilliant.

The two eventually hash it out, even though Ramona continues to disrespect and talk down to Elyse, telling her things like, “Enjoy my friends” and “Be thankful for what I did for you.” Dorinda also forgives Ramona and even proves it by sitting in her lap and telling her she loves her. And just like magic, the Ramona drama has disappeared.


Finally, Luann and Sonja get in a huge fight about how Lu only pays Sonja $200 per appearance in her cabaret show. Sonja claims she is exploiting her and Lu, who is clearly intoxicated, goes off on a messy, diva-y rage and fires her from the show. Sonja stays back in the room crying.

Well, it was quite a kick-off to this girls weekend in the Berkshires, we can’t wait to see how it all plays out next week!

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