P.I. Joe Season 2 Episode 9 ‘You’ Recap & Review

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Episode Recap

Joe tries to retrace his steps while under the influence because he does not believe he murdered Delilah. Suspecting Will, Joe calls him in, but he is in Manila as promised. Joe learns from Calvin that he came to Anavrin with Forty to get some groceries. Joe learns from Forty that he dropped Joe off to “visit Delilah” and then Forty called Candace. Candace and Forty argue, but in examining her video call from Forty, Candace sees Joe and the location where he was dropped off. She arrives at the storage unit to find Joe standing over Delilah’s body in the vault, and locks Joe in. She calls Love to prove to her that Joe is a very dangerous man. Love arrives and Joe, believing he is a murderer, confesses everything to Love, and apologizes to Candace. Love then murders Candace and professes her love for Joe.
  • This episode dropped a lot of bombs on hosts Taquaila and Adaeze as they discover who Delilah’s killer is. How love has changed, physically and relationally, for Joe. Candace’s attempt at revenge leaves her lifeless and Love has some revealing truths to tell. We discuss if Joe is a hypocrite and how he and Love can continue with their relationship. Forty does his own research into Joe Goldberg and discovers one huge lie Joe has not revealed which leads Forty to save his sister. Ellie gets devastating news, two times. And Love is pregnant! As always, stay tuned for our Special Segment: Real Life Stalker Stories! Follow us @taquaila_iam @1adaezeFollow us on http://www.Twitter.com/AfterBuzzTV

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