Outlander’s Sam Heughan Defends Fan After Touching Controversy

Fake news about Outlander’s Sam Heughan made the rounds during Wizard World in New Orleans.

During the popular convention (which hosts cons around the U.S.), Entertainment Weekly reported a woman had made inappropriate advances toward Heughan after a picture surfaced online.

In EW’s initial article, they cited a video shot during a stage event with Sam Heughan and a fan on stage who appeared to be reaching for his behind when the actor wasn’t looking. A second video showed the fan had not actually made contact with the actor, but many fans at home expressed outrage at the gesture.

In their tweet of the coverage, EW reported, “Woman appears to grab Outlander star Sam Heughan from behind at fan convention.”

Heughan quickly responded to EW on Twitter and stated, “‘Appears’ But didn’t. This is misleading and dangerous. Please don’t report unverified content again. You have a responsibility. Thank you @EW x.”

Everyone, Jamie Fraser has arrived.

EW responded to Heughan’s tweet by editing their article and updating with the accurate information.

“To be honest: she shouldn’t have even made that gesture in the first place,” Leanne Aguilera, the senior host and producer at EW, tweeted in response to Heughan.

“There was no harm in it. Was all taken out of context,” Heughan replied, “We were messing around and being silly on stage. Should never have been blown up like this. X.”

“You’re being a true gentleman about this. Xx,” Aguilera added.

The fan in the video accused of making the gesture, Marlaina Drummond, commented on the thread and added, “Thank you! I have been trying my best to dispute what appears from what was fact. I still wholeheartedly apologize for the rude gesture. I loved your responses to the Q&A. You are such a fun, genuine person. Never change. <3”

Despite Drummond’s apology, some fans seem to be taking Aguilera’s side. Scrolling through both the EW thread and the thread after Heughan’s reply, it’s clear his fans are very protective of him and would not have been happy with any unwanted advances toward him.

“It’s always worth having this discussion,” The Rank and File wrote, “Because of the power imbalance of sexism and violence towards women that men won’t feel as threatening, women are triggered by this sort of behavior. It’s ok to think it’s wrong too.”

“Sam thank you for speaking up!!!” wrote another fan, Judy Neely. “There was NOTHING that happened and I was there and it was all fun. My goodness!! The whole program was amazing!!”For now, stay tuned for February 16th, when we’ll see the end of droughtlander, and welcome season five of Outlander!

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