Netflix’s The Circle Star Joey Sasso Believes Fellow Contestant Was a Catfish

Sasso guested on Afterbuzz TV with hosts James Maple and Ricky Vitucci and said the answer is much simpler than you think.

In an “Unofficial Reunion” after show special of The Circle, Joey went into detail regarding his thought process behind the strategy he used to make it to the finals. Joey talked to our hosts about a variety of topics but gave us an exclusive on why you may not always want to trust your instincts.

When asked about doubts he had regarding any cast members, Joey’s choice of cast member was himself. In a twist of events, Joey talked about how he genuinely felt bad blocking Antonio. The reason he did, however, was staring right back at him the whole time.

“I truly thought he was not real, and like, because, ok this is for everyone asking online you’re getting it right now, an Afterbuzz exclusive,” said Joey. “Are you ready to see how dumb my personality is. Why I didn’t think, because I read in his profile ‘They call me Chef Antonio.’ It was that simple! This is day one, I’m reading profiles. I’m going, ‘Nobody calls you Chef Antonio. That’s not a thing. So I’m like this kid ain’t real because, I’m like, in real life he’d be my best friend out of everyone. But I’m like, he ain’t real, no one’s calling him chef Antonio.”

Joey added, “when I seen he was real I was legitimately heartbroken.”

While we don’t recommend doubting your instincts, per se, in the world of cat fishing, no one can ever be too sure. We feel you Joey; we feel you.

To watch the FULL “Unofficial Reunion” after show special of Netlflix’s The Circle featuring contestants Joey Sasso, Miranda Bissonnette and Shubham Goel, click the link above.

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