MTV’s EOTB’s Allie DiMeco Shares Unseen Heart to Heart Moment with Laurel Stucky

Waves came crashing into Ex On The Beach: Peak of Love between Allie DeMeco and Laurel Stucky, but there appears to be peace now.

Allie joined Afterbuzz TV and shared behind the scenes insights on what really happened after Nicole Zanatta and Laurel entered the sauna of secrets in the third episode of Season 4.

This was the first sauna of secrets pairing of the season. During the two-part series premiere, we quickly saw a pseudo love triangle form between Allie, Nicole, and Laurel with Nicole being the grand prize.

It was inevitable that the truth of Allie and Nicole’s rendezvous would come to light (after reconnecting with Laurel, Nicole and Allie kissed in the confessional), but it was the growing bond between Laurel and Allie that none of us saw coming.

So, you could imagine our surprise when Allie said first on our after show that “Laurel had my back and I will always respect her for that.”

Directly after the footage of Nicole’s escapades were revealed, Allie asked to have a moment with both Laurel and Nicole, but ended up having a one-on-one with Laurel alone.

While MTV did not air the conversation between Allie and Laurel, Allie said during last night’s Afterbuzz aftershow that Laurel and her “had a heart to heart where we really connected.”

Allie and Laurel ultimately bonded over being bi-curious and similar experiences going through that person’s journey of self-discovery most times involves. Furthermore, kissing Nicole was the furthest Allie’s ever gone with a woman at that point after all.

“I respected her for taking the high road,” Allie mentioned. “She was like, ‘talk to me, come talk to me. When you’re confused about these feelings, come talk to me.’”

It is not often that after a cheating scandal, the two other persons caught in the mix can leave with respect and admiration for one another, but it seems like that is what happened between Allie and Laurel. We’re excited to see how Allie continues to grow as a person and how else this year’s cast will support one another amidst all the foreseeable drama to come.

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