Mrs. America S1 E7 Recap & After Show: PIE TO THE FACE

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A tale of a political landscape forever shifted; on Mrs. America we explore the events and themes of the 70s feminist movement and we’re so excited to break it down on the MRS AMERICA AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

In this episode Phyllis starts off with a bang – or a pie in her face by a known male feminine activist – right after she speaks in front of her committee. Bandaged and unraveling she struggles with sanity, and what seems to be menopausal changes, as she dubs together liberal speeches to produce hate speech cassette tapes that she sent out all across the US. Belle loses her senate race but is quickly hired with the help of Midge to lead up the first government-funded women’s convention – that she actually created years ago.  After receiving unsettling news once again, Belle is made aware of potential chaos that could arise at the women’s convention, she is tempted to remove gay rights off the ballet. But after many demands and isolation from her fellow feminists peers, she decides to put aside her fear and caution to keep it on the ballet, reuniting all the women in their fight in ratifying the ERA.

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