Love, Actually Season 2 Episode 10 ‘You’ Recap & Review

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Love? Crushes? Obsession? Sinister Motives? These are some of the themes that come about as we watch a bookstore manager crossing paths with a female writer. Every week we dig deeper into the lives of these two characters as obsession becomes criminal. Join us on the YOU AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW every week to break all of it down! From plot discussion, opinions on the characters, and predictions; we’ll be talking about it all. Tune in weekly for potential guest interviews, juicy news and gossip, and special segments! Subscribe, rate, comment, like, and share to stay up to date on all things YOU!

Episode Recap

Love reveals to Joe that she made him fall in love with her by meticulously studying his past. She also admits to murdering both Forty’s au-pair and Delilah. Joe’s image of Love is shattered as he understands that he is “her Beck”. Love then explains that she has a plan to give them and Forty a way to build a real family: she will implicate Ellie in Henderson’s murder but then have the Quinn family lawyers get the case closed, and also stage Delilah’s death as a suicide caused by backlash from her article. Joe is tempted to kill Love, but stops after she reveals she is pregnant with his baby. Realizing that Joe was Beck’s real murderer, Forty tries to save Love from him. Joe finds Ellie, reveals Delilah’s fate, and sends her away with money before Child Protective Services can come for her. Forty confronts Joe with a gun at Anavrin, but is shot and killed by Fincher. Love uses her family’s connections to clear the way and gets Forty blamed for Henderson and Candace’s deaths. Joe and Love move into a new house and Joe reveals his interest in their new female neighbor.
  • Love is a murderer! She has killed multiple times. She has a protective plan for Ellie’s life which enrages Joe. Joe has a tough time accepting who Love is in addition to thinking about what kind of father he wants to become. Forty’s attempt at saving his sister from Joe results in bloodshed. Joe and Love find common ground and move into a new home whose neighbor catches Joe’s attention. Has Joe learned anything? Can he change? As always, stay tuned for our last real life stalker story! Follow us @taquaila_iam @1adaeze

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