I Know This Much is True S1 E4 Recap & After Show: You are me…Dominick keeps trying, but he can’t escape the crazy.

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Episode Recap

We start back in the college years and get to the place where Thomas finally reaches his breaking point. It begins with Dominick declaring they are no longer roommates, and then spirals down to Thomas pulling his back teeth out because they are transmitting the “voices” in his head.  He is finally painfully committed to a facility.  Back in the current time, Dominick is trying to recover from the crash, but underestimates the affects of his pain meds, and ends up falling off of a 20 ft ladder and breaking his leg.  Because of this ,he misses Thomas’ hearing, which doesn’t go well. Lisa visits Dominick and reveals the bad outcome of the hearing, but also validates him. Joy also visits and learns about his vasectomy.  Throughout his hospital stay, he has strange dreams and flashbacks that all lead to him feeling that Thomas was eerily right…YOU ARE ME.
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