How to Get Away With Murder S6 E15 Recap & After Show: It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

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The How to Get Away with Murder After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder.

Show Summary: “How to Get Away with Murder” stars Viola Davis as Annalise Keating, a law professor at a prestigious Philadelphia university who — with five of her students — becomes entwined in a murder plot.

Episode Recap

Spoilers Below!!
Annalise dies of old age. Wes is not back from the dead but baby Christopher is his twin. Frank and Bonnie die. Nate saves the day. Connor goes to jail.
     Everyone tried to play judge and jury in Annalise’s trial, but it was Nate that saved the day. After testimony from the governor, Jorge Castillo and a shocking recording from Hannah Keating, Annalise is found not guilty, but Connor was not so lucky and landed himself in jail. Frank’s turmoil ends in tragedy after shooting the Governor, and he and Bonnie ultimately land fatal shots themselves.
     In a twist that left us with endless questions throughout this season, it is finally revealed that Wes has not returned from the dead, but we are seeing baby Christopher. The funeral shot widely discussed was from Annalise’s funeral in the future. She has been Christopher’s mentor and he is even teaching her class at Middleton. Annalise’s story ends happily, with her living a long life, dying of old age and doing what she loves most: mentoring law students.
This after show was hosted by: April Whisenhant, Elayna Fenelon, Jaimi Gray and CJ Walker

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