Hollywood S1 E6 Recap & After Show: Tinsel Town is on fire

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Episode Recap

Tensions in Ace Studios run high after the apartment of Rock and Archie has a Molotov thrown through the window, plus the homes of the Amberg’s, and Raymond and Camille, have crosses burned in their yards.  Jack, Archie, Rock and Raymond attempt to work at Ernie’s service station to raise money for the film. Ernie denies them work but then works with his guys and raises the money needed for the film. Ace wakes from his coma and is against the film that Avis and Dick Samuels help make, until both stand up to him. Ace dies in his sleep. The next day, Ace’s attorney Lon, storms the studio with police, takes the film for the picture “Meg” and burns it.
Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: The Tyler Tyson @thetylertyson, Gunner Thomas @gunnerthomas, Kelsey Meyer @kelsmeyer2, and Rob Styles @robsteelo

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