Gabrielle Union Subtweets Terry Crews After He Defends America’s Got Talent

Gabrielle Union called out Terry Crews in a series of tweets after his remarks about America’s Got Talent work environment on The Today Show.

Crews appeared on The Today Show Thursday and discussed America’s Got Talent’s new series, The Champions. Afterward, the conversation led into a discussion about AGT’s work environment and Union’s departure from the show.

When asked about toxic and sexism work environments at AGT Crews said that was not his experience.

“First of all, I can’t speak for sexism because I’m not a woman,” Crews said, adding, “but I can speak on any racist comments. That was never my experience. In fact, it was the most diverse place I have ever been in my 20 years of entertainment.”

Last November, NBC announced Union and Julianne Hough exit from the show. There were reports about a toxic workplace environment on set which included accusations that Union was told her hairstyle was “too black.”

In December, Union and her team met with NBC representatives to discuss the toxic workplace culture at AGT. The actress confirmed the meeting was productive and she was able to express her truth.

Union fired back at Crews on Twitter, although she did not address Crews specifically. She did have some words to say, through, a series of tweets.

“Maaaaaan… We all agreed to let the investigation be completed before speaking but if we doing this… ohhhhh baby let’s gooooooooooo!,” said Union in a tweet.

Union then posted two tweets questioning production and behind the scenes decision making.

Asked, “where is the diversity? Then asked who controls the decision making ranks in front of the camera?”

Then Union replied to her own tweet, “let’s talk about the diversity in hair and makeup departments for contestants that DOES NOT reflect all the diversity that hits the stage.”

Union continued, “let’s ask the executives that run the show and follow up about the lack of diversity. Let’s discuss the facts.”

NBC is still investigating the ongoing allegations.

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