Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills Season 2 Episode 8 ‘You’ Recap & Review

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Love? Crushes? Obsession? Sinister Motives? These are some of the themes that come about as we watch a bookstore manager crossing paths with a female writer. Every week we dig deeper into the lives of these two characters as obsession becomes criminal. Join us on the YOU AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW every week to break all of it down! From plot discussion, opinions on the characters, and predictions; we’ll be talking about it all. Tune in weekly for potential guest interviews, juicy news and gossip, and special segments! Subscribe, rate, comment, like, and share to stay up to date on all things YOU!

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Forty arranges a self-kidnapping, and he and Joe are locked in a hotel room to polish Forty’s script, assisted by Ellie. Joe is uneasy but realizes that he will only leave on time to escape before Delilah’s release if he helps them. They go over the script, and Ellie suggests they rewrite it from scratch. Forty gets frustrated and escapes from the room. Joe follows him into a bar, and Forty drugs him with LSD to help the creative process. Love finds Joe’s farewell letter. Joe tries to stay sane while Forty works on the script, but hallucinates and loses time. Joe reconciles with Love, who convinces him to stay in LA, and Forty finally finishes the script, deducing correctly that Beck’s ex-boyfriend killed her in a crime of passion. Forty confesses to Joe that as a teen he blacked out and murdered his au pair lover. Joe races to Delilah, only to find her dead inside the vault.
  • Hosts Taquaila Jackson and Adaeze Ibeka discuss Forty’s method of script bootcamp involves an acid high which lasts 9-16 hours. In the midst of this acid high Delilah is murdered and Joe is not sure if he is the murderer? He goes into full private investigative mode. Throughout the episode there were plenty of examples of having to look into a mirror of yourself through another character. Taquaila and Adaeze talk about the mirrored relationships between young Joe and his mom, Joe and Forty, and Love and her mom. As always, stay tuned for our Special Segment: Real Life Stalker Stories!Follow us on http://www.Twitter.com/AfterBuzzTV

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