Ex on the Beach’s Marlon Shares Exclusive Behind the Scenes Moment with Adore

While Marlon Williams was told by La Demi Martinez to not pull all his eggs in her basket, it seemed like everyone else in the house was eager to take her place.

The rapping bodybuilder created quite a name for himself within the first few episodes of Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love as a flirt magnet amongst the housemates.

Marlon joined AfterBuzzTV and dished some behind the scenes moments with Adore aka Danni post their Ice Party fallout. During this icy standoff, Adore confronted Marlon for her flame Jakk’s failure to commit. Yes, you indeed read that right.

When ABTV hosts asked Marlon if he felt he owed Adore a conversation, Marlon replied, “100%.” Adding, “and they didn’t show this [in the final aired episode] though, because literally the next day I tried to have a conversation with Adore about the whole situation and kind of clear the air.”

Marlon went on to mention he emphasized to Adore, “I see you as an equal. I see you as a very strong person.”

This was a great point to mention as Adore admitted during the episodes following that he was intimidated by Marlon.

Even though these moments did not make the air, I’m glad to know Marlon and Adore were able to clear things up.

Ultimately, Ex on the Beach is really about shooting your shot to determine if there is a “next” in the house for you or if you’d like to rekindle things with your ex. You could just imagine the drama based on that alone! Therefore, everyone should strive for their relationships in the house, whether platonic or romantic, to be on good terms. And if not, as Marlon said, “don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

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