Dave S1 E10 Recap & After Show: Is This The End?

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The season 1 Finale of Dave was jaw dropping & left us begging for a season 2. This episode opens with the visuals of Dave rapping about getting arrested & going to jail for exposing himself in at a live concert.
The song explains the very explicit journey of Dave’s time in prison-being stripped down, balling on the court & doing what he has to do to not get raped.
He plays the song for his label & they are not impressed-saying the song is way too explicit for mass consumption. Dave disagrees and storms out of the meeting & argues with his manager Mike for not taking up for him.
The episode ends with Dave at the famous “Breakfast Club” Radio station where he plans on going against his label & dropping the song live on the show. During his interview with Charlemagne The God & Angela Yee, Dave explains his thoughts on music, friends & cultural appropriation. Instead of dropping the explicit track like he initially planned, Dave decides to freestyle to prove his worth.
Hosted by Ashley Dior Jones & Karla Contreras

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